Classroom Observations

Do you want to earn higher student evaluations?

Did you know that instructors who don’t give midterm evals earn end-of-term ratings at the 50th percentile? In contrast, instructors who give midterm evals earn end-of-term ratings in the 58th percentile. Best of all, instructors who give midterm evals and discuss them with a consultant (like Tara or Jean, Teaching Academy; Michaela Burkardt, Physics; or David Smith, Chemistry & Biochemistry) earn end-of-term evals in the 74th percentile.

Student Evaluation Scores

Teaching Academy consultants visit your classroom, observe your teaching, interview your students, give you feedback, and provide resources to expand upon strengths and address weaknesses.

All observations are confidential and for formative feedback only. This means that these consultants cannot write letters for the “evidence from other professionals” section of Digital Measures. For that, you must ask a peer or join the Peer Review Network.

Enroll online by clicking the Events link and finding “Classroom Observations.”