Promotion and Tenure Portfolios

Along with the Office of the Provost, Colleges and Departments, the Teaching Academy is working to make the P&T process more transparent. Therefore, we are posting core materials from sample promotion & tenure portfolios, as listed below.

To find out if the Teaching Academy library has a hard copy of any of these portfolios (which may include more materials than what is posted here), please contact Shawn Werner at the Teaching Academy at 575.646.2583 or

Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences CV Executive Summary TOC
Thomas Dominguez, Associate Professor, Agriculture Extension Department, 2012 CV Summary TOC
Gaylene Fasenko, Associate Professor, Animal & Range Sciences, 2012 CV Summary TOC
Stephanie Walker, Tenure, Extension Plant Sciences, 2015 CV Summary TOC
Merranda Romero Marin, Associate Professor, Family and Consumer Sciences, 2015 CV Summary TOC
Wiebke Boeing, Associate Professor, Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Ecology, 2010 CV Summary
Barbara Chamberlin, Professor, Media Productions, 2013 CV Summary TOC
Shengrui Yao, Associate Professor, Plant and Environmental Sciences, 2015 CV Summary TOC
Sherrell Wheeler, Associate Professor, 2014 CV Summary TOC
Arts & Sciences
Donald Pepion, College Professor, Anthropology, 2012 CV Summary TOC
James McAteer, Associate Professor, Astronomy, 2015 CV Summary TOC
Kathryn Hanley, Professor, Biology, 2015 CV Summary TOC
Kathryn Hanley, Associate Professor, Biology, 2010 CV Summary TOC
Graciela Unguez, Professor, Biology, 2011 CV Summary
Timothy Wright, Associate Professor, Biology, 2010 CV Summary TOC
William Maio, Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2015 CV Summary TOC
Huiping Cao, Associate Professor, Computer Science, 2015 CV Summary TOC
Andrea Joseph, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice, 2012 CV Summary
David Keys, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice, 2010 Summary
Carmen Gimenez Smith, Associate Professor, English, 2013 CV Summary TOC
Roger Mellen, Associate Professor, Journalism, 2012 CV Summary TOC
Alyne Fulte, College Professor, Mathematical Sciences, 2012 CV Summary
Amal Mostafa, College Professor, Mathematical Sciences, 2012 CV TOC
Jianjun Tian, Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences, 2015 CV Summary TOC
Jean–Paul Vessel, Associate Professor, Philosophy, 2010 CV Summary TOC
Mark Uchanski, Associate Professor, Plant & Environmental Science CV Summary TOC
Justin MacDonald, Associate Professor, Psychology, 2014 CV Summary TOC
Meghan Downes, Associate Professor, Economics & International Business, 2012 CV Summary TOC
Brian Hurd, Professor, Economics & International Business, 2010 CV Summary TOC
Yu–Feng L. Lee, Associate Professor, Economics & International Business, 2010 CV Summary
Grace Rosile, Professor, Management, 2014 CV Summary TOC
Doña Ana Community College
Karen Caldwell, Assistant Professor, Chemistry, 2015 CV Summary TOC
Shannon Bradley, Professor, Education, 2015 CV Summary TOC
Joyce Bradley, Professor, Emergency Medical Services, 2014 CV Summary TOC
Amy Garcia, Professor, English & Communications, 2015 CV Summary TOC
Amy Collins, Assistant Professor, Health Occupations 2014 CV Summary TOC
Dave Burleson, Professor, History 2014 CV Summary TOC
Faith Hutson, Associate Professor, Sonography, 2014 CV Summary TOC
Lidia Uribe-Florez, Associate Professor and Tenure, Curriculum and Instruction, 2014 CV Summary TOC
Mary Prentice, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership & Administration, 2008 CV Summary TOC
Kimberly Oliver, Professor, Human Performance, Dance & Recreation, 2010 CV Summary
Hongmei Luo, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering, 2014 CV Summary
Charalambos Papelis, Tenure, Civil Engineering, 2015 CV Summary TOC
Igor Sevostianov, Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, 2014 CV Summary TOC
Health & Social Services
Sue Forster-Cox, Associate Professor, Health Science, 2007 Summary TOC
Teresa Leon, College Associate Professor, Nursing, 2012 CV Summary
Anita Reinhardt, Associate Professor, Nursing, 2014 CV Summary
Anup Amatya, Associate Professor, Public Health Sciences, 2015 CV Summary TOC
Maria Gurrola, Tenure, Social Work, 2014 CV Summary TOC
Susan Beck, Professor, Library, 2007 CV Summary TOC
Ellen Bosman, Professor, Library, 2012 CV Summary TOC
Elizabeth Miller, Associate Professor, Library, 2013 CV Summary TOC


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