Teaching Academy Donors

We invite you to join more than 100 NMSU educators and friends of the Teaching Academy who support the Academy financially. By giving to the Teaching Academy, you can help us augment the resources needed to purchase library materials, provide scholarships to teaching conferences and institutes, and bring nationally known speakers to the Academy.


$50 or more per pay period payroll deduction
$25 or more per pay period payroll deduction
$10 or more per pay period payroll deduction
$5 or more per pay period payroll deduction


Joyce Bradley Emergency Paramedic Program, DACC
Jean Conway Teaching Academy
Esther Devall Family & Computer Sciences
Greg & Beth Fant Deputy Provost
Sue Forster–Cox Public Health Sciences
Alyne Fulte Mathematical Sciences
Tara Gray Teaching Academy
Mark Hohnstreiter Friend
Daniel Howard Provost
Deborah McCormick Adult Basic Education Division, DACC
Sherry Mills Accounting & Information Systems
Martha Mitchell College of Engineering
Pookie & Michael Sautter Marketing
Pam Schultz Nursing
Michèle Shuster Biology
Mary Sletten Business Office Technology Program, DACC
Herb & Joan Zuhl Friends


Sonya Cooper College of Engineering
Conni DeBlieck Nursing
Roberta Derlin Friend
Carol Flinchbaugh Management
Anita Hernandez Curriculum & Instruction
Lisa Kirby Student Engagement
Sharon Lalla Instructional Innovation & Quality
Jim Libbin Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences
Patricia MacGregor–Mendoza Languages & Linguistics
Juanna Mendoza–Hannan Educational Research Center
Niki Mott English
Robert Paz Electrical & Computer Engineering
Mary Prentice Educational Leadership & Administration
Anita Rokowski–Reinhardt Nursing
Hiranya Roychowdhury Health Occupation Program, DACC
Linda Skalic Business & Information Systems, DACC
Steve Stochaj Electrical & Computer Engineering
Mónica Torres Vice President for Academic Affairs, DACC
Shawn Werner Teaching Academy


Laurie Abbott Animal & Range Sciences
Ram Acharya Agricultural Economics & Agricultural Business
Kathryn Achen Business Office Technology Program, DACC
Donna Alden English & Communication, DACC
Ellen Bosman Library
Robert Brokate Water Technology Program, DACC
Nancy Chanover Astronomy
Julie Correa Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
Richard DeRouen Fire Science Program, DACC
Deanna Dunlavy Chemistry & Biochemistry
Gaylene Fasenko Animal & Range Sciences
Amy Ganguli Animal & Range Sciences
Tiziana Giorgi Mathematical Sciences
Lisa Grayshield Counseling & Educational Psychology
Matthew Huchmala Legal Assistant Program, DACC
Gary Ivory Educational Leadership & Administration
Tim Ketelaar Honors College
Cynthia Kratzke Public Health Sciences
Norice Lee Library
Laura Madson Psychology
Keith Mandabach Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
Peter Martin Civil & Geological Engineering
Darla Matthew DACC Sonography Program
Maria Ortiz Social Work
Denise Rodriguez–Strawn Educational Leadership & Administration
Grace Ann Rosile Management
Marlene Salas–Provance Special Education & Communication Disorders
Teresa Valenzuela Curriculum & Instruction
June Vermillion Nursing
John Xu Biology


Sandra Abernathy Business Office Technology Program, DACC
Francisco Alatorre Criminal Justice
Greg Armfield Communication Studies
Judy Bosland Institutional Analysis
Christopher Brown Geography
Jeffrey Brown Arts & Sciences
Debra Cardinali College of Business & Economics
Tauna Cole–Dorn Art
William Corbett Criminal Justice
Rebecca Corran Health Occupation Program, DACC
Michael DeAntonio Physics
Kefaya Diab English
Tom Dormody Agricultural & Extension Education
Lizbeth Ellis General Counsel
Derek Fisher Creative Media Institute
Paul Furth Electrical & Computer Engineering
Alisa Gonzalez Library
Kulbhushan Grover Plant & Environmental Sciences
Michelle Guzman–Armijo English & Communication, DACC
Nicole Harings Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Kathryn Hovey Sociology
Fred Huff Computer Technology Program, DACC
Shanna Ivey Animal & Range Sciences
Michelle Jackson Teaching Academy
Paula Johnson Library
Sandra Johnson Instructional Innovation & Quality
Lynn Kelly Engineering Technology & Survey Engineering
Debra Knapp Kinesiology & Dance
Mary Lamonica Journalism & Mass Communications
Michelle Lebsock Instructional Innovation & Quality
Yu-Feng “Winnie” Lee Economics & International Business
Krista Kozel MacDonald English & Communication, DACC
Mardi Mahaffy Library
Ken Martin Finance
Martha McCaslin Dental Auxiliary Program, DACC
Mike McGonigle Finance
James Murphy Astronomy
Myong O’Donnell Friend
Lidia Paez University Advancement
Ratna Pankayatselvan Health Occupation Program, DACC
William Quintana Chemistry & Biochemistry
Lindsay Ruckel Psychology
Dominic Simon Psychology
David Smith Chemistry & Biochemistry
Frank Smith Academic Advising, DACC
Linda Spencer Special Education & Communication Disorders
Shelly Stovall Accreditation, Outcomes & Academic Planning
Betsy Stringam Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
Karen Trujillo English
April Ulery Plant & Environmental Sciences
Mayra Valtierrez Languages & Linguistics
Denise Welsh Friend
Heather Williams Arts & Humanities, DACC
Patti Wojahn English
Kassia Wosick Sociology
Jin Yao Jornada Experimental Range

The Teaching Academy expresses its gratitude to donors on behalf of all those educators and students who benefit from your generosity.

Thank You