Teaching Academy Programs

Teaching Programs

  • Teaching Scholars
  • Peer Coaching: Teachers Helping Teachers
  • Team-Based Learning
  • Starting Strong: A Short Course for Graduate Assistants Who Teach a Class or Lab
  • Classroom Observations
  • Teaching Conferences

Leadership Programs

  • Advancing Leaders
  • Department Head Academy
  • Crucial Conversations

Mentoring Programs

  • Team Mentoring for Faculty
  • One-on-one Faculty Mentoring Program
  • Getting the Edge in Academe: A Ph.D. is not enough

Scholarship Programs

  • Publish & Flourish: Become a Prolific Scholar
  • Writing Groups
  • Scholarly Writing Retreat

Career Programs

  • Teaching Portfolios: Document Your Teaching Accomplishments
  • Promotion & Tenure Portfolios: Document Your Accomplishments in Teaching, Scholarship, and Service
  • Promotion & Tenure Workshops