Teaching Academy Members 2005

Earning membership in the Teaching Academy

Honorary Members

Honorary membership is awarded to a person who has made extraordinary contributions to the Teaching Academy or to faculty development at NMSU.

Waded Cruzado–Salas, Former Dean, Arts & Sciences
Lisa Frehill, Former Principal Investigator, NSF ADVANCE
Pamela Hunt, Associate Director, NSF ADVANCE

All Honorary Members

Most Distinguished Members

The most distinguished members are the graduate student and the faculty member with the most Teaching Academy training hours who have not received the award before.

Alma Rodriguez, Ph. D. Candidate, Special Education/Communication Disorders

Alma Rodriguez is a Ph.D. Candidate specializing in Bilingual Special Education Education in the Special Education/Communication Disorders Department. Eldest child of Mexican-born parents, Alma is the first in her extended family to work towards a doctoral degree. Prior to becoming a full-time doctoral student, Alma worked as a school psychologist and as a school counselor. For the past two years she has taught a total of nine courses, both at the graduate and undergraduate level. Thankful to discover the wealth of information that is brought to professors of all levels and skills through the Teaching Academy, she quickly took advantage of workshops that could introduce her to successful teaching techniques. She has already incorporated various new approaches within her courses, including backwards course design, and looks forward to learning more.

Ereney Hadjigeorgalis, Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics & Agricultural Business

Ereney (Rene) Hadjigeorgalis is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business in the College of Agriculture. After receiving her Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of California in 1999, she spent three years as a visiting and assistant professor at the Universidad de Talca and the Catholic University of Chile. She came to New Mexico State University in January 2003. Rene teaches courses on international trade and world food problems. Her research interests lie in the areas of water resource management, international trade and development and public economics, with an emphasis on issues that impact women and children. She is grateful to the Teaching Academy for helping her be a better teacher, as well as giving her the opportunity to help other faculty members, particularly in the area of academic writing.

All most distinguished members

Distinguished Members

Agriculture & Home Economics Rossana Alvarez–Diemer Ag Economics & Ag Business
Ereney Hadjigeorgalis Ag Economics & Ag Business
Kathi Sheehan Agronomy & Horticulture
Erin Silva Agronomy & Horticulture
Uma Kirshnan Family & Consumer Sciences
Arts & Sciences Peter Gregware Arts & Sciences
Nicole Vogt Astronomy
Michele Shuster Biology
Dede Dunlavy Chemistry & Biochemistry
Amiya Bhattacharya Computer Science
Inna Pivkina Computer Science
Jessie Adkins English
Lydia Loskot English
Brie Owen English
Amal Mostafa Mathematical Sciences
Hamad Obiedat Mathematical Sciences
Michael DeAntonio Physics
Lisa Elliott Psychology
Patricia Hoffman Sociology & Anthropology
Sandra Way Sociology & Anthropology
Business Naomi Schmidt Economics & International Business
Judith Weisinger Management
Elise “Pookie” Sautter Marketing & General Business
Doña Ana Community College Kim Seifert Business & Marketing
Kristi Blackburn English & Communication
Susan Pinkerton Library Technology Program
Shakir Manshad Math & Physical Sciences
Education Barbara Coppola Curriculum & Instruction
Eduardo Macias Curriculum & Instruction
Eduardo Arellano EMD
Rhonda McClellan EMD
Mary Prentice EMD
Alma Rodriguez SPED/CED
Engineering Ricardo Jacquez Civil, Ag & Geological Engineering
Health & Social Services Pearl Hawe Health & Social Services
Wanda Borges Nursing
Irene Hurst Nursing
Jacquelyn Williams Nursing
Library Martha Andrews Archives & Special Collections
Jan Hylen Reference & Research Services
Mardi Mahaffy Reference & Research Services
Susan Metcalf Reference & Research Services
Angela Murrell Reference & Research Services
NMSU–Alamogordo Vicente Lombrana Academic Instruction
Staff Susan C. Brown Center for Learning Assistance
Michele Auzenne SW Tech Development Institute


Sustaining Members

Agriculture & Home Economics Sabine Green Agronomy & Horticulture
Rolston St. Hillaire Agronomy & Horticulture
April Ulery Agronomy & Horticulture
Shanna Ivey Animal & Range Sciences
Wiebke Boeing Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Arts & Sciences Elizabeth Alderman Art
Jung Kim Biology
David Sultemeier Biology
Antonio Arredondo Computer Science
Ken Mentor Criminal Justice
Kristin Blicharz English
Chris Burnham English
Jennifer Gregory English
Clint Lanier English
Donna Ruble English
Monica Torres English
Gustav Verhulsdonck English
Jamie Bronstein History
Belen Lopez Languages & Linguistics
Marcela Rodriquez Languages & Linguistics
Joel Lucero–Bryan Mathematical Sciences
Lloyd Moyo Mathematical Sciences
Barbara Sallach Mathematical Sciences
John Sanders Mathematical Sciences
Caroline Sweezy Mathematical Sciences
Michaela Burkardt Physics
Bharat Medasani Physics
James Kroger Psychology
Laura Madson Psychology
Merrill Sapp Psychology
Dominic Simon Psychology
Alison Newby Sociology & Anthropology
Business Yu–Fung (Winnie) Lee Economics & International Business
Trilochan Pangeni Economics & International Business
Rich Fortin Finance
Harikumar Sankaran Finance
Khadija Al Arkoubi Management
Barnali Chaudhuri Management
Grace Ann Rosile Management
Jing Hu Marketing & General Business
Doña Ana Community College Doug Layer Arts & Humanities
Education Kelsie Foster Counseling & Educational Psych
Margaret Kacszmarek Counseling & Educational Psych
Ramon Dominguez EMD
Engineering Shaguang Deng Chemical Engineering
Paola Bandini Civil, Ag & Geological Engineering
Fernanado Cadena Civil, Ag & Geological Engineering
Delia Valles–Rosales Industrial Engineering
Health & Social Services Amee Schwitters Health Science
Lisa Dalton Social Work
Staff Silvia Marinas Art
Cathy A. Consaul Distance Education



Agriculture & Home Economics Connie Faulk Ag Economics & Ag Business
Jim Libbin Ag Economics & Ag Business
Jennifer Wood Ag Economics & Ag Business
Randy Andreasen Agricultural & Extension Education
Dawn VanLeeuwen Agricultural & Extension Education
Ali Al Lawati Agronomy & Horticulture
Chris Cramer Agronomy & Horticulture
Lei E Agronomy & Horticulture
Champa Gopalan Agronomy & Horticulture
Yingzhi Lu Agronomy & Horticulture
Andrea Medina Agronomy & Horticulture
Jason Turner Animal & Range Sciences
Meghen Allen Entomology, Plant Path & Weed Sci
Joleen Atencio Entomology, Plant Path & Weed Sci
Rebecca Creamer Entomology, Plant Path & Weed Sci
Melina Sedano Entomology, Plant Path & Weed Sci
David Thompson Entomology, Plant Path & Weed Sci
Ann Bock Family & Consumer Sciences
Mark Anderson Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Mary Lucero Jornada Experimental Range
Arlene Tugel Jornada Experimental Range
Wendy Hamilton NM Cooperative Extension Service
Denise McWilliams NM Cooperative Extension Service
Arts & Sciences Nancy Chanover Astronomy
Jim Murphy Astronomy
Amy Lucero Biology
Graciela Unguez Biology
Guadalupe Vidal Biology
Zully Villanueva Biology
Hope Woodward Biology
Antonia Lara Chemistry & Biochemistry
David Smith Chemistry & Biochemistry
Suzanne Buker Communication Studies
Anne Hubbell Communication Studies
Melanie Martin Computer Science
Heather Pfeiffer Computer Science
Abhishek Ray Chaudhuri Computer Science
Kun Xiang Criminal Justice
Sumanagala Bhattacharya English
Joyce Garay English
Harriet Linkin English
Cindy Murrell English
Nadezhda Shalamova English
Kathryn Valentine English
Merced Jasso Ethnic Studies Program
Freddy Marquez Ethnic Studies Program
Jarma Jones History
Hwiman Chung Journalism & Mass Communications
Josefina Alvarez Mathematical Sciences
Melinda Caskey Mathematical Sciences
Jens Funke Mathematical Sciences
Tiziana Giorgi Mathematical Sciences
Kristina Trujillo Molecular Biology
Bob Armstrong Physics
Melissa Guynn Psychology
Deborah Russell Psychology
Lisa Frehill Sociology & Anthropology
Tom Pardikes Sociology & Anthropology
Kathryn Briggs Women’s Studies
Business Jennifer Kreie Accounting & Bus Comp Systems
Sherry Mills Accounting & Bus Comp Systems
Robert Schoener Accounting & Bus Comp Systems
Van Bullock Economics & International Business
Bill Gould Economics & International Business
Ken Martin Finance
Janice Black Management
Rawiporn Koojaroenpaisan Marketing & General Business
Shaun McQuitty Marketing & General Business
Maureen Pollack Marketing & General Business
Doña Ana Community College Winston Comer Academic Support
Paul Cline Emergency Med Paramedic Program
Teresa Brandon Health Occupations
Vickie Aldrich Math & Physical Sciences
Education Esther Enriquez Curriculum & Instruction
Herman Gracia Curriculum & Instruction
Tony Mahung Curriculum & Instruction
Marc Pruyn Curriculum & Instruction
Teresita Ronquilo Curriculum & Instruction
Teresa Rowlison Educational Research Center
Dana Christman EMD
Beatriz Curry EMD
Kristine Derer SPED/CD
Engineering Abdulrahman Alshehri Civil, Ag & Geological Engineering
Venkataramana Gadhamshetty Civil, Ag & Geological Engineering
Joseph Gunaranjan Civil, Ag & Geological Engineering
Saravanapavan Kandeepan Civil, Ag & Geological Engineering
Nirmala Khandan Civil, Ag & Geological Engineering
Imelda Olague Civil, Ag & Geological Engineering
Thang Phan Civil, Ag & Geological Engineering
Selvarajah Ramesh Civil, Ag & Geological Engineering
Thanabalasingam Sathees Civil, Ag & Geological Engineering
Jeanine Cook Electrical & Computer Engineering
Paul Furth Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sheila Horan Electrical & Computer Engineering
Joydeep Mitra Electrical & Computer Engineering
Craig Ricketts Engineering Technology
John Mullen Industrial Engineering
Edward Pines Industrial Engineering
James Allen Mechanical Engineering
Health & Social Services Jeff Brandon Health & Social Services
Annie Jeanne Hoffman Nursing
Alison Mann Nursing
Marilyn Pase Nursing
Trinette Radasa Nursing
Robert Blair Social Work
Ivan De La Rosa Social Work
Harriet Meek Social Work
Library Susan Beck Reference & Research Services
Kate Manuel Reference & Research Services
NMSU–Alamogordo Gloria Chestnut Academic Instruction
Glenda Elser Academic Instruction
Linda Fritze Occ & Voc Instruction Program
Jim Gallagher Academic Instruction
Ron McNeel Academic Instruction
Staff Terry Cook Center for Learning Assistance
Dominique DeSpain Center for Learning Assistance
Carmen Gonzales College of Extended Learning
Bethany Bovard Distance Education
Julia Parra Distance Education
Sittiporn Iamsen Graduate School
Brian Ormand Information & Comm Technologies
Debra Ponds New Mexico ADVANCE/AGEP
Judy McShannon New Mexico Space Grant
Luz–Elena Mimbela SW Tech Development Institute