Teaching Academy Members 2006

Earning membership in the Teaching Academy

Honorary Members

Honorary membership is awarded to a person who has made extraordinary contributions to the Teaching Academy or to faculty development at NMSU.

Pat Hynes, Director, New Mexico Space Grant Consortium
Judy McShannon, Associate Director, New Mexico Space Grant Consortium

All Honorary Members

Most Distinguished Members

The most distinguished members are the graduate student and the faculty member with the most Teaching Academy training hours who have not received the award before.

Carlos Baca-Chacon, Graduate Student, Educational Management and Development

Carlos Baca-Chacon is the Teaching Academy’s most distinguished graduate student member for 2005-2006. Carlos is the holder of two masters degrees, Master of Arts in Geology and a Master of Arts in Education: Curriculum and Instruction. He is very proud of his three children: Al, B.A. Movie Director, University of California at Berkeley; Carl, B.S. Genetics, University of California at Davis; and Ralph, B.A. International Business Administration, University of Texas at El Paso. He is very proud to be a member of the Teaching Academy! We are proud of you, Carlos!

Amiya Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Amiya Bhattacharya is the Teaching Academy’s most distinguished member for 2005-2006. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington, where he was a recipient of the 2002 Outstanding Doctoral Research Award. Prior to joining NMSU, he conducted research at Nokia Research Center at Irving and at the Arizona State University. In 2005-2006, Amiya has participated in many hours of training at the Teaching Academy: 180 hours to be exact, which is an all-time record. Congratulations, Amiya!

All most distinguished members

Distinguished Members

Administration Terry Cook Center for Learning Assistance
Don Pepion Ethnic Studies Programs
Katherine Peck Other Department
Agriculture & Home Economics Ereney Hadjigeorgalis Ag Economics & Ag Business
Denise McWilliams Cooperative Extension Service
Amber Vallotton Entomology, Plant Path & Weed Sci.
Uma Kirshnan Family & Consumer Sciences
Wiebke Boeing Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Donald Caccamise Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Claire Bowen-O’Connor Plant & Environmental Sciences
Chris Cramer Plant & Environmental Sciences
Arts & Sciences Elizabeth Alderman Art
Michele Shuster Biology
Amiya Bhattacharya Computer Science
Inna Pivkina Computer Science
Heather Pfeiffer Computer Science
Joe Song Computer Science
Casey Akins Criminal Justice
Chris Burnham English
Susanna Clason English
Sipai Klein English
Donna Ruble English
Nadezhda Shalamova English
Monica Torres English
Carol Campbell Geography
Jose Garcia Government
Mohamed Al-Sufyani Government
Amal Mostafa Mathematical Sciences
Tony Wang Mathematical Sciences
Rossio Kersey Molecular Biology
Martha Rowe Music
Michaela Burkardt Physics
Michael DeAntonio Physics
Luis Sandoval Physics
Lisa Elliott Psychology
Laura Madson Psychology
Patricia Hoffman Sociology & Anthropology
Mark Horowitz Sociology & Anthropology
Sandra Way Sociology & Anthropology
Jim Billings Theatre Arts
Laura Grace Godwin Theatre Arts
Business Bobbie Green Acct. & Business Computer Systems
Naomi Schmidt Economics & International Business
Al Berryman Finance
Maria De Boyrie Finance
Rich Fortin Finance
Elise “Pookie” Sautter Marketing & General Business
Doña Ana Community College Joe Smith Business Office Technology
Donna Saulsberry Computer Technology Program
Hiranya RoyChowdhury Health Occupation Program
Teresa Brandon Health & Social Services
Susan Pinkerton Library Technology Program
Shakir Manshad Math & Physical Sciences
Education Carlos Baca Curriculum & Instruction
Barbara Coppola Curriculum & Instruction
Eduardo Arellano EMD
Joseph Berning Physical Ed, Recreation & Dance
Scott Pedersen Physical Ed, Recreation & Dance
Leah Putman Physical Ed, Recreation & Dance
Janice Duseau SPED/CED
Elisa Poel SPED/CED
Engineering Veera Gnaneswar Gude Civil, Ag & Geological Engineering
Nirmala Khandan Civil, Ag & Geological Engineering
Jie Zhang Civil, Ag & Geological Engineering
Muhammad Dawood Electrical & Computer Engineering
John Mullen Industrial Engineering
Health & Social Services Sue Forster-Cox Health Science
Pearl Hawe Health Science
Wanda Borges Nursing
Alison Mann Nursing
Iris Mullins Nursing
Marilyn Pase Nursing
Jacquelyn Williams Nursing
Robert Blair Social Work
Library James Caufiled Reference & Research Services
Mardi Mahaffy Reference & Research Services
NMSU–Alamogordo Linda Fritze Occuppational & Vocational


Sustaining Members

Administration Susan C. Brown Center for Learning Assistance
Sharon Lalla ICT
Brian Ormand ICT
Laurie Churchill New Mexico ADVANCE/AGEP
Agriculture & Home Economics Shanna Ivey Animal & Range Sciences
Vickie Galindo Cooperative Extension Service
Ann Bock Family & Consumer Sciences
Francis Rooker Family & Consumer Sciences
Ryan Goss Plant & Environmental Sciences
April Ulery Plant & Environmental Sciences
Arts & Sciences Erica Voges Astronomy
Antonio Lara Chemistry & Biochemistry
Cynthia Zoski Chemistry & Biochemistry
Bob Weissberg Communication Studies
Rajaa Shindi Computer Science
Polina Chemishanova English
Emily Forand English
Lydia Loskot English
Kathryn Valentine English
Bryan Koenig Psychology
James Kroger Psychology
Robyn Rehbein-Narvaez Psychology
Dominic Simon Psychology
Business Carlo Mora-Monge Acct & Business Computer Systems
Ed Scribner Acct & Business Computer Systems
Harikumar Sankaran Finance
Doña Ana Community College Donna Alden Arts & Humanities
Shannon Bradley Education Program
Winston Comer Academic Support
Fenton Kay
Douglas Philhower
Education Juanna M. Hannan Educational Research Center
Alma Rodriguez SPED/CD
Engineering Paola Bandini Civil Engineering
Adrian Hanson Civil Engineering
Ricardo Jacquez Civil Engineering
Delia Valles–Rosales Industrial Engineering
Electrical & Computer Engr. Paul Furth
Electrical & Computer Engr Sheila Horan
Electrical & Computer Engr Joydeep Mitra
New Mexico Space Grant Judy McShannon
Health & Social Services Maria Ortiz-Cordero Social Work
Library Norice Lee Library
Angela Murrell Library
Alamogordo Branch Jim Gallagher Alamogordo Branch
Jeanette Little Alamogordo Branch
Ron McNeel Alamogordo Branch



Administration Jennifer Hiatt Business & Finance
Dominique DeSpain Center for Learning Assistance
Jennifer Wallace Center for Learning Assistance
Kathleen Berver Distance Education
Bethany Bovard Distance Education
Susie Bussman Distance Education
Julia Para Distance Education
Freddy Marquez Ethnic Studies Programs
Enedina Vazquez Graduate School
Angela Velasco Human & Physical Resources
Pam Hunt New Mexico – ADVANCE
Dianne Jordan Other Department
Cristobal Rodriguez Other Department
Roseanne Bensley Placement & Career Services
Agriculture & Home Economics Dawn VanLeeuwen Agricultural & Extension Education
Pamela Martinez Agricultural Communications
Jack Thomas Animal & Range Sciences
Jason Turner Animal & Range Sciences
Rebecca Creamer Entomology, Plant Path & Weed Sci
Soum Sanogo Entomology, Plant Path & Weed Sci
Wanda Eastman Family & Consumer Sciences
Ryan McShane Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Mary Lucero Jornada Experimental Range
Caiti Steele Jornada Experimental Range
Ali Al Lawati Plant & Environmental Sciences
Neel Kamal Plant & Environmental Sciencesi
Erin Silva Plant & Environmental Sciences
Arts & Sciences Daniel Ceverino-Rodriguez Astronomy
Daniel Howard Biology
Graciela Unguez Biology
Dale Alexander Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dede Dunlavy Chemistry & Biochemistry
Jeremiah Scepaniak Chemistry & Biochemistry
Walter Zakahi Communication Studies
Brian Palmer Computer Science
Abhishek Ray Chaudhuri Computer Science
Ron Zacharski Computing Research Lab
Jody Crowley Criminal Justice
Sumanagala Bhattacharya English
Jennifer Gregory English
Rachael MacCallum English
Brie Owen English
Katie Retzinger English
Gustav Verhulsdonck English
Nathan Brooks History
Inigo Garcia-Bryce History
Claude Fouillade Languages & Linguistics
Patricia MacGregorMendoza Languages & Linguistics
Roger Beck Mathematical Sciences
Joe Lakey Mathematical Sciences
John Sanders Mathematical Sciences
Sampath Dias Physics
Tom hearn Physics
Keron Subero Physics
Emily Chaffin Psychology
Melissa Guynn Psychology
Malisa Hipshur Psychology
Joshua Jones Psychology
Sarah Nuehring Psychology
Martha Loustounau Sociology & Anthropology
Beth O’Leary Sociology & Anthropology
Business Sherry Mills Accounting & Bus Comp Systems
Yu-Feng (Winnie) Lee Economics & International Business
Khadija Al Arkoubi Management
Bonnie Daily Management
Maria J. Mendez Management
Judith Weisinger Management
Pia Albinsson Marketing & General Business
Doña Ana Community College Vickie Aldrich Math & Physical Sciences
Jose Aranda Library & Media Center
Kristi Blackburn English & Communication
Paul Cline Emergency Med Paramedic Program
Nathan Cote
Don Fahrenkrog
Doug Layer Arts & Humanities
Terry Mount Technical Studies
Kim Seifert Business & Marketing
Linda Skalic Library
Joaquin Tadeo Business & Marketing
Tammy Welch Library & Media Center
Education Leticia Burbano de Lara Curriculum & Instruction
Luis Huerta Curriculum & Instruction
Glenda McShannon Curriculum & Instruction
Akiko Sasaki Curriculum & Instruction
Eileem VanWie Curriculum & Instruction
Juhyun Yi Curriculum & Instruction
Teresa Rowlison Educational Research Center
Ramon Dominguez EMD
Anthony Fairbanks EMD
Mary Prentice EMD
Herb Torres EMD
Teresa Brobeck SPED/CD
Engineering Jeanne Garland Alliance for Minority Participation
Karen Luces Alliance for Minority Participation
Paul Andersen Chemical Engineering
Richard Long Chemical Engineering
Martha Mitchell Chemical Engineering
Alessandra Bianchini Civil Engineering
David Jauregui Civil Engineering
Moung Thein Myint Civil Engineering
Clinton Woodward Civil Engineering
Phillip De Leon Electrical & Computer Engineering
Raphael Lyman Electrical & Computer Engineering
Lynn Kelly Engineering Technology
Craig Ricketts Engineering Technology
Ronald Pederson Mechanical Engineering
Earl Burkholder Survey Engineering
Michele Auzenne SW Tech Development Institute
Health & Social Services Jeff Brandon Health & Social Services Staff
Chuck Kozel Health Science
Eva Aguilar Nursing
Minerva Flato Nursing
Irene Hurst Nursing
Teresa Keller Nursing
Teresa Leon Nursing
Jacalyn Ryberg Nursing
Pamela Schultz Nursing
Lisa Dalton Social Work
Harriet Meek Social Work
Library Susan Metcalf Reference & Research Services
Irene Shown Reference & Research Services
Daniel Smith Archives & Special Collections
NMSU–Alamogordo Michelle Farley Instructional Research
Kathy Roark-Diehl Academic Instruction