Teaching Academy Members 2007

Earning membership in the Teaching Academy

Honorary Members

Honorary membership is awarded to a person who has made extraordinary contributions to the Teaching Academy or to faculty development at NMSU.

Herbert and Joan Zuhl, Benefactors and Friends of the Teaching Academy

All Honorary Members

Most Distinguished Members

The most distinguished members are the graduate student and the faculty member with the most Teaching Academy training hours who have not received the award before. This year there was a tie for the most distinguished graduate student member.

Susanna “Sana” Clason, Graduate Student, English

Susanna “Sana” Clason tied for the Teaching Academy’s most distinguished graduate student member for 2006–2007. Sana is a graduate assistant and Ph.D. candidate in the English Department’s Rhetoric and Professional Communication program. She plans to graduate May, 2008. Sana earned an MA in Technical and Professional Communication from NMSU, and BA in Journalism/Advertising from The University of Oklahoma. Sana has been co-editor of the English 111 curriculum textbook Paideia for four years, and is a former Writing Center Co-Coordinator. She has maintained a 4.0 GPA and is a member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. Sana was a paralegal before returning to graduate school, and taught paralegal courses at DACC.

Nadezdha “Nadya” Shalamova, Graduate Student, English

Nadezhda “Nadya” Shalamova tied for the Teaching Academy’s most distinguished graduate student member for 2006–2007. Nadya is a Ph.D. student in the English Department. She also holds a graduate degree in linguistics from a Russian university. She has taught courses in technical and professional writing, linguistics, and English as a foreign language. Her area of research interest is in scientific and engineering writing. She is currently working on a dissertation project on self-study reports prepared by the NMSU College of Engineering for the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology. She has received the Carnegie Foundation Research Fellowship, International Peace Scholarship, and NMSU Graduate Assistant Fellowship. She was nominated for the Chancellor’s List in 2005–2006.

Muhammad Dawood, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering

Muhammad Dawood is the Teaching Academy’s most distinguished member for 2006–2007. Muhammad has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, and serves as an Assistant Professor in the Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He has taught both graduate and undergraduate classes in EE for more than ten years. He is also a recent recipient of NSF CCLI grant to enhance student learning in Electromagnetics. He participated in 101 hours of Teaching Academy events.

All most distinguished members

Distinguished Members

Agriculture & Home Economics Tim McKimmie Agriculture & Home Ec Staff
Derek Bailey Animal & Range Sciences
Sergio Soto-Navarro Animal & Range Sciences
April Ulery Plant & Environmental Sci
Chang Lee School of HRTM
Alamogordo Campus Kathlyn Eydenberg Occ & Voc Instruction
Greg Mosier Occ & Voc Instruction
Arts & Sciences Amiya Bhattacharya Computer Science
Inna Pivkina Computer Science
William Corbett Criminal Justice
Dana Greene Criminal Justice
Larry Mays Criminal Justice
Carlos Posadas Criminal Justice
Susanna Clason English
Nadezhda Shalamova English
Carol Campbell Geography
Michael DeMers Geography
Dulcinea Lara History
Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza Languages & Linguistics
Michaela Burkardt Physics
Brenda Benefit Sociology & Anthropology
Julie Rice Sociology & Anthropology
Business Mohamed Al-Sufyani Economics & International Bus
Yu-Feng “Winnie” Lee Economics & International Bus
Lizbeth Ellis Finance
Doña Ana Community College Stephen DeGiulio Adult Basic Education
Glenn Schwaiger Arts & Humanities
Joaquin Tadeo Business & Marketing
Lynda Huff Business Office Tech
Fred Huff Computer Tech Prgm
Tamara Gantzler-Woods Education Program
Ratna Pankayatselvan Health Occupations Prgm
Michael Lang Industrial Technology
Susan Pinkerton Library Technology Prgm
William Mabry Math & Physical Science
Eppie Rivas Nursing Asst Prgm
Pat Roby Nursing Asst Prgm
Darla Matthew Sonography Program
Education Carlos Baca-Chacon Curriculum & Instruction
Luis Huerta Curriculum & Instruction
Jackie Wood SPED/CD
Engineering Muhammad Dawood Electrical & Computer Engr
Extended Learning Kitty Berver Distance Education
Health & Social Services Teresa Keller Nursing
Iris Mullins Nursing
Marilyn Pase Nursing
Library Theresa Valko Ref & Research Services
Mardi Mahaffy Ref & Research Services


Sustaining Members

Agriculture & Home Economics Tracy Sterling Ent, Plant Path & Weed Sci
Ann Bock Family & Consumer Sciences
Wiebke Boeing Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Manoj Shukla Plant & Environmental Sci
Arts & Sciences Michele Shuster Biology
Heather Throop Biology
Ron Zacharski Computing Research Lab
James Maupin Criminal Justice
Edgar Barrantes English
Stuart Brown English
Chris Burnham English
Lydia Loskot English
Miguel Silva English
Spencer Herrera Languages & Linguistics
Jerry Lodder Mathematical Sciences
Amal Mostafa Mathematical Sciences
Joshua Jones Psychology
Laura Madson Psychology
Patricia Hoffman Sociology & Anthropology
Laura Grace Godwin Theatre Arts
Business Sherry Mills Accounting & Bus Comp Sys
Dennis Clason Economics & International Business
Elise “Pookie” Sautter Marketing & General Bus
Doña Ana Community College Maureen Pollack Business & Marketing
Kathleen Baca English & Communication
Ruth Crispell English & Communication
Amy Garcia English & Communication
Steve Ludington English & Communication
Hiranya Roychowdhury Health Occupations Prgm
Shakir Manshad Math & Physical Sciences
Education Leticia Burbano de Lara Curriculum & Instruction
Rafael Espinoza Curriculum & Instruction
Krista Simons Curriculum & Instruction
Ramon Dominguez Educational Man & Dev
Salomon Sanchez-Bernuy Educational Man & Dev
Juana M. Hannan Educational Research Center
Kim O’Connell-Brock Physical Ed, Rec & Dance
Joyce Hill SPED/CD
Engineering Nirmala Khandan Civil Engineering
Hansuk Sohn Industrial Engineering
Extended Learning Denise Alaniz Extended Learning Staff
Health & Social Services Sue Forster-Cox Health Science
Jacquelyn Williams Nursing
Maria Ortiz Social Work
Martha Roditti Social Work
Staff Marisa Ortman Ctr for Academic Excellence
Cynda Clary Office of the Provost



Agriculture & Home Economics Ereney Hadjigeorgalis Ag Econ & Ag Bus
Rebecca Creamer Ent, Plant Path & Weed Sci
Soum Sanogo Ent, Plant Path & Weed Sci
Esther Devall Family & Consumer Sciences
Uma Krishnan Family & Consumer Sciences
Caiti Steele Jornada Exp Range
Rebecca Kraimer Plant & Environmental Sci
Keith Mandabach School of HRTM
Arts & Sciences Svala Olafsdottir Art
Peter Gregware Arts & Sciences Staff
Aysegul Birand Pawar Biology
Gilbert Montano Biology
Marti Morales Biology
Lori Weber Biology
Glenn Kuehn Chemistry & Biochemistry
Martina Myers Communication Studies
Walter Zakahi Communication Studies
Somak Bhattacharya Computer Science
Nemecio Chavez Computer Science
Clinton Jeffery Computer Science
Yonggang Lu Computer Science
Rajaa Shindi Computer Science
Joe Song Computer Science
Jody Crowley Criminal Justice
Polina Chemishanova English
Sipai Klein English
Lisa Ramirez English
Katie Retzinger English
Monica Torres English
Kathryn Valentine English
Kate Mclane Geography
Nancy McMillan Geological Sciences
Nancy Baker Government
Jeff Brown History
Greg Fant Music
Bharat Medasani Physics
Jacob Urqiudi Physics
Mary Gourley Psychology
Bryan Koenig Psychology
Robyn Rehbein-Narvaez Psychology
Skye Pazuchanics Psychology
Dominic Simon Psychology
Business Jennifer Kreie Accounting & Bus Comp Sys
Ed Scribner Accounting & Bus Comp Sys
Naomi Schmidt Economics & International Business
Rich Fortin Finance
Janice Black Management
Grace Rosile Management
David Tobey Management
Isaac Wanasika Management
Pia Albinsson Marketing & General Bus
Doña Ana Community College Bobbi Raub Business Office Tech
Leilani Benoit Computer Tech Prgm
Tim Chappell Computer Tech Prgm
Nina Javaher Computer Tech Prgm
Dave Valdez Computer Tech Prgm
Jon Davis Digital Imaging & Design
Abby Osborne Digital Imaging & Design
Lamaia Vaughn Digital Imaging & Design
Teresa Brandon Health Occupations Prgm
Jiming Chu Health Occupations Prgm
Ali Ahmad Math & Physical Sciences
Suzanne Hill Math & Physical Sciences
German Moreno Math & Physical Sciences
Rene Sierra Math & Physical Sciences
Sharon Noe Nursing Assoc Degree Prgm
Education Elsa Arroyos-Jurado Counseling & Educ Psych
Lisa Grayshield Counseling & Educ Psych
Carmen de Onis Curriculum & Instruction
Bernardino Leon Curriculum & Instruction
Robert Moulton Education Staff
Eduardo Arellano Educational Man & Dev
Gary Ivory Educational Man & Dev
Sonia Mahajan Educational Man & Dev
Maluka Munoz Educational Man & Dev
Azaria Wolday Educational Man & Dev
Elissa Poel SPED/CD
Engineering Martha Mitchell Chemical Engineering
Paola Bandini Civil Engineering
Alessandra Bianchini Civil Engineering
Paul Furth Electrical & Computer Engr
Sheila Horan Electrical & Computer Engr
Steve Castillo Engineering Staff
John Mullen Industrial Engineering
Extended Learning Carmen Gonzales Extended Learning Staff
Bobbie Derlin Distance Education
Grants Campus Michael Leach Academic & Voc Instr
Health & Social Services Susan Cardenas Health Science
Chuck Kozel Health Science
Wanda Borges Nursing
Alison Mann Nursing
Robert Blair Social Work
Yosikazu DeRoos Social Work
Library Daniel Smith Archives & Special Collection
Susan Beck Ref & Research Services
James Caufield Ref & Research Services
Melissa Van Dusen Ref & Research Services
Staff Adam Cavotta ICT
Robbie Grant ICT
Sharon Lalla ICT
Jeff Long Learning Communities
Michelle Garza Media Productions
Pamela Martinez Media Productions
Vimal Chaitanya Vice Provost for Research
Kristina Fury WRRI
Leslie Morrell Women’s Studies
University of Texas–El Paso Jennifer Mares