Teaching Academy Members 2008

Earning membership in the Teaching Academy

Honorary Member

Honorary membership is awarded to a person who has made extraordinary contributions to the Teaching Academy or to faculty development at NMSU.

Tracy Sterling, Former Professor, Entomology, Plant Pathology & Weed Science, and PI of the NSF–ADVANCE Grant

Tracy Sterling is a Professor of Weed Physiology in the Department of Entomology, Plant Pathology and Weed Science. She is also Director and PI of the NSF–ADVANCE program where she helped to facilitate its institutionalization in the Teaching Academy. She was inducted into the Teaching Academy as an honorary member to recognize her extensive faculty development work, including programs for mentoring, leadership, promotion and tenure, and department head training. She is also PI of an NSF–PAID grant that disseminates the best practices developed in these programs to other New Mexico institutions of higher education and research. As a two-term Faculty Senator, she has worked to create a more transparent and flexible University P&T Policy, improve dual-career accommodations, and include college-track faculty representation.

All Honorary Members

Most Distinguished Members

The most distinguished members are the graduate student and the faculty member with the most Teaching Academy training hours who have not received the award before.

Francis Rooker, Graduate Student, Family & Consumer Sciences and Public Health

Francis Rooker is a dual-degree grad student—MS in FCSC (Dietetics) and the MPH. His concentration is prevention and amelioration of hypertension in older persons. Fran, a 2008 Teaching Scholars cohort graduate and Teaching Academy member-Distinguished, is earning the Online Teaching and Learning Certificate (CEL–NMSU). He works on the NM Conference on Aging Committee, is a Healthy New Mexico Task Force nominee, presents at national and international conferences, conducts workshops across Southwestern NM, advocates “Community For All Ages” associations, and develops web-based health education for rural communities. He completed the MBA program (Pepperdine, 1980) and earned a BA in English Literature (Kings College, 1968).

Robert Paz, Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering

Robert Paz is a native Las Crucen, and an alumnus of NMSU. After obtaining his graduate degrees from the University of Illinois, Urbana–Champaign, he was fortunate to obtain a faculty position in his hometown and at his Alma Mater. Dr. Paz has, from the beginning of his career, had a passion for teaching. However, this was passion without knowledge. The NMSU Teaching Academy has, and continues to fill the lacuna. He has gratefully participated in more than 170 hours of training this year, large chunks of which were obtained through the Boot Camp, ITAL and the Teaching Scholars programs.

All most distinguished members

Distinguished Members

Agriculture & Home Economics Francis Rooker Family & Consumer Sciences
Elizabeth Albin Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
Julie Correa Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
Allison Southworth Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
Jolie Tixier Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
Caiti Steele Jornada Experimental Range
Adrian Unc Plant & Environmental Sciences
Arts & Sciences Randall Carlson Astronomy
Paul Strycker Astronomy
Aysegul Birand Biology
William Quintana Chemistry & Biochemistry
Rebecca Verser Communication Studies
Inna Pivkina Computer Science
Jody Crowley Criminal Justice
Marija Dimitrijevic Criminal Justice
Timothy Roe English
Mónica Torres English
Patti Wojahn English
Rebecca Wiggins Government
April Willeford Government
Gilbert Verser History
Keith Lamonica Journalism & Mass Communication
Spencer Herrera Languages & Linguistics
Amal Mostafa Mathematical Sciences
Hubert Noussi Mathematical Sciences
Laura White–Hosford Mathematical Sciences
Brad Gavle Military Science
Patricia Hoffman Sociology & Anthropology
Meredith Martin Sociology & Anthropology
James Rice Sociology & Anthropology
Business Al Berryman Finance
Tim Query Finance
Joe Gladstone Management
Yasanthi Perera Management
Doña Ana Community College Paula Leighton Adult Basic Education
Nemecio Chavez Computer Technology
Tamara Gantzler-Woods Education
Ruth Crispell English & Communication
Kurt Depner English & Communication
Michelle Guzman-Armijo English & Communication
Margaret Loring English & Communication
Greg Bohm Health Occupations
Hiranya Roychowdhury Health Occupations
Tarlochan Dhillon Industrial Technology
Susan Pinkerton Library Science
Shakir Manshad Math & Physical Science
Mary Sletten Nursing
Sarah Whitaker Nursing
Tammara Chaffee Radiologic Technology
Education Carlos Baca-Chacon Curriculum & Instruction
James O’Donnell Curriculum & Instruction
Education Myriam Torres Curriculum & Instruction
Frank Gilpin Human Performance, Dance & Recreation
Kim O’Connell-Brock Human Performance, Dance & Recreation
Engineering Ricardo Jacquez Civil Engineering
Sheila Horan Electrical & Computer Engineering
Robert Paz Electrical & Computer Engineering
Hansuk Sohn Industrial Engineering
Health & Social Services Laura Dasing Nursing
Kathleen Huttlinger Nursing
Ruby Salewski Nursing
Robert Blair Social Work
Health & Social Services Martha Roditti Social Work
Library Sarah Baker Reference & Research
Alisa Gonzalez Reference & Research


Sustaining Members

Agriculture & Home Economics Ereney Hadjigeorgalis Ag Economics & Ag Business
Rebecca Creamer Entomology, Plant Path & Weed Science
Tracy Sterling Entomology, Plant Path & Weed Science
Laura Solberg Family & Consumer Sciences
Wiebke Boeing Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Mohsen Mohseni Moghadam Plant and Environmental Sciences
Tim McKimmie Staff
Alamogordo Campus Carrie Baldwin Academic Instruction
Jim Gallagher Academic Instruction
Russell Jaskolowski Staff
Angie Wolf Staff
Arts & Sciences Kimberly Benavidez Biology
JoAnne Dupre Biology
Michèle Shuster Biology
David Smith Chemistry & Biochemistry
Marieka Brown Communication Studies
Joel Hoffman Communication Studies
Rachel Tofteland Communication Studies
Amiya Bhattacharya Computer Science
Karen Villaverde Computer Science
Carlos Posadas Criminal Justice
Chris Burnham English
Jennifer Cervantes English
Susanna Clason English
Marc Scott English
Kathryn Valentine English
Michael DeMers Geography
Dulcinea Lara History
Alyne Fulte Mathematical Sciences
Michaela Burkardt Physics
Tessie Abbott Psychology
Laura Madson Psychology
Michael Fitzpatrick Special Education & Communication Disorders
Jackie Wood Special Education & Communication Disorders
Walter Zakahi Staff
Business Bing Xu Business Staff
Mohamed Al–Sufyani Economics & International Business
Carlsbad Campus Paula Wallace Staff
Division of Student Success Jeff Long Center for Academic Excellence
Judy Bosland Staff
Bethany Bovard Staff
Doña Ana Community College Fred Huff Computer Technology
Teresa Brandon Health Occupations
Jonathan E. Davis Health Occupations
Vickie Aldrich Math & Physical Science
Linda Skalic Office Technology
Education Rudolfo Chávez Chávez Curriculum & Instruction
David Rutledge Curriculum & Instruction
Sonia Mahajan Educational Management & Development
Juana M. Hannan Educational Research Center
Karen Hostetter Human Performance, Dance & Recreation
Engineering Vesna Perovic Civil Engineering
B V N P Kambhammettu Engineering Technology & Survey Engineering
Leslie Morrell Engineering Technology & Survey Engineering
John Mullen Industrial Engineering
Grants Campus Michael Leach Academic Instruction
Health & Social Services Sue Forster–Cox Health Science
Iris Mullins Nursing
Marilyn Pase Nursing
Library Charles Stanford Archives & Special Collections
Laurence Creider Technical Services



Agriculture & Home Economics David Langley Agricultural & Extension Education
Shanna Ivey Animal & Range Sciences
Jason Turner Animal & Range Sciences
Ann Bock Family & Consumer Sciences
Alamogordo Campus Bette Berry Academic Instruction
Sonja DeVargas Academic Instruction
Elizabeth Grundhoffer Academic Instruction
Rosa Rico–Fernandez Academic Instruction
Jarrold Rupe Academic Instruction
Lois Knowles Library
John Adams Occupational & Vocational Instruction
Robert Pena Occupational & Vocational Instruction
Matthew Placencio Occupational & Vocational Instruction
Bryan Yancey Occupational & Vocational Instruction
Brenda Purvis Staff
Arts & Sciences Judy Harmon Arts & Sciences Staff
Daniel Howard Biology
Michael Johnson Chemistry & Biochemistry
Sidath Kumarapperuma Chemistry & Biochemistry
Jing He Computer Science
Larry Mays Criminal Justice
Carrie Grinstead English
Krystal Languell English
Viola Fuentes Government
Christina Medina Government
Jeff Brown History
Jeff Longwell Languages & Linguistics
Michael Eydenberg Mathematical Sciences
Erica Voges Mathematical Sciences
Shelly Stovall Music
Shane Summers Music
Michael De Antonio Physics
Garrett Strosser Psychology
Laura Grace Godwin Theatre Arts
Business Sherry Mills Accounting & Business Computer Systems
Ed Scribner Accounting & Business Computer Systems
Dennis Clason Economics & International Business
Yu-Feng (Winnie) Lee Economics & International Business
Lizbeth Ellis Finance
Rich Fortin Finance
Ken Martin Finance
Ashish Mahajan Management
Pia Albinsson Marketing & General Business
Carlsbad Campus Patricia Burns Academic Instruction
Douglas Dinwiddie Academic Instruction
Marie Johnson Academic Instruction
Paul Johnson Academic Instruction
Will Anne Ricer Academic Instruction
Lorie Mitchell Staff
Mary Ellen Jaco Vocational Instruction
College of Extended Learning Kitty Berver Distance Education
Division of Student Success Terry Cook Center for Academic Excellence
Kevin Chase Student Support Services
Doña Ana Community College Julie Treers Adult Basic Education
Ted Nothom Business & Information Systems
Joaquin Tadeo Business & Marketing
John Carter Computer Technology
Tim Chappell Computer Technology
Donna Saulsberry Computer Technology
Jon Davis Digital Imaging & Design
Eugene Hernandez Digital Imaging & Design
Jose Aranda Library & Media Center
Ali Ahmad Math & Physical Science
Lucy Gurrola Math & Physical Science
Robin Lackey Math & Physical Science
Paul Mason Math & Physical Science
Jerry McMahan Math & Physical Science
Sinnathamby Pankayatselvan Math & Physical Science
Rene Sierra Math & Physical Science
Lynn Clark Nursing
Sharon Noe Nursing
Darla Matthew Sonography
Terry Mount Technical Studies
Education Eve Adams Counseling & Educational Psych
Lisa Grayshield Counseling & Educational Psych
Rafael Espinoza Curriculum & Instruction
Jeanette Haynes Writer Curriculum & Instruction
Koomi Kim Curriculum & Instruction
Donna Ruble Curriculum & Instruction
Eduardo Arellano Educational Management & Development
Marivel Oropeza Educational Management & Development
Mary Prentice Educational Management & Development
Charles Townley Educational Management & Development
Azaria Wolday Educational Management & Development
Engineering Martha Mitchell Chemical Engineering
Nirmala Khandan Civil Engineering
Sittampalam Sathiskumar Civil Engineering
Jie Zhang Civil Engineering
Jeanine Cook Electrical & Computer Engineering
Muhammad Dawood Electrical & Computer Engineering
Paul Furth Electrical & Computer Engineering
Steve Stochaj Electrical & Computer Engineering
Carmen Boje Engineering Technology & Survey Engineering
Ruinian Jiang Engineering Technology & Survey Engineering
Vincent Choo Mechanical Engineering
Igor Sevostianov Mechanical Engineering
Graduate School Luis Vazquez Staff
Health & Social Services Chuck Kozel Health Science
Amy Trujillo Health Science
Susan Wilson Health Science
Yosikazu DeRoos Social Work
Madeline Gillette Social Work
Felipe Peralta Social Work
Las Cruces Public Schools Paul Bravo
Library Susan Beck Reference & Research
James Caufield Reference & Research
Mardi Mahaffy Reference & Research
Molly Molloy Reference & Research
Sylvia Ortiz Reference & Research
Theresa Valko Reference & Research
Other Campus Carol Winkles
Staff Susan Waldo Campus Activities
Joe L. Graham Indian Resource Development Program
Sharon Lalla Information & Communication Technologies
Brian Ormand Information & Communication Technologies
Barbara Chamberlin Media Productions
Cynda Clary Office of the Provost
Waded Cruzado Office of the Provost
Mattie Kannard Other Department
Michele Auzenne SW Technology Development Institute