Teaching Academy Members 2009

Earning membership in the Teaching Academy

Most Distinguished Members

The most distinguished members are the graduate student and the faculty member with the most Teaching Academy training hours who have not received the award before.

Joe Gladstone, Graduate Student, Management

Joe Gladstone is a management Ph.D. student in the College of Business. His area of research is management within, and management education for Native Americans and other indigenous societies and institutions, both public and private. Joe was very active at the Teaching Academy, participating in ITAL, Teaching Scholars and Team Mentoring for Graduate Students Who Teach. Joe intends to remain in academia to continue his research and teach management. He is the current president of the Management Doctoral Student Association of the Ph.D. Project. He earned his M.P.H. (Arizona, 1999) and B.S. in Health and Human Performance (Montana, 1990).

Anita Reinhardt, Assistant Professor, Nursing

Anita Reinhardt Ph.D., R.N., joined the faculty in the College of Health and Social Services, School of Nursing in March 2008. She comes to NMSU with an extensive background in nursing clinical practice, administration, and education from all parts of the United States, most recently Washington State. She also has some international experience having worked in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the oil company in the company health care facility. Dr. Reinhardt’s passion lies in management and leadership with an emphasis on work environment research. She and her husband Fred look forward to many happy and productive years in Las Cruces and at New Mexico State University. She is the most distinguished member of the Teaching Academy this year because she participated in 177 hours of training.

All most distinguished members

Distinguished Members

Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences Ram Acharya Ag Economics & Ag Business
Cynda Clary Agricultural & Ext Education
Dawn VanLeeuwen Agricultural & Ext Education
Laurie Abbott Animal & Range Sciences
Esther Devall Family & Consumer Sciences
Francis Rooker Family & Consumer Sciences
Wiebke Boeing Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Julie Correa Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
Mary O’Connell Plant & Env Sciences
Arts & Sciences Julia Barello Art
Malynda Chizek Astronomy
Elizabeth Quintana Biology
Michèle Shuster Biology
Graciela Unguez Biology
David Smith Chemistry & Biochemistry
Anne Hubbell Communication Studies
Kyle Messer Communication Studies
Volnei Vasconcelos Communication Studies
Rebecca Verser Communication Studies
Chris Giannella Computer Science
Inna Pivkina Computer Science
Joe Song Computer Science
Karen Villaverde Computer Science
David Keys Criminal Justice
Peter Brooks English
Gail Lavender English
Laura Williams English
Christopher Brown Geography
Michaela Buenemann Geography
Thaddieus Conner Government
Diane–Michele Prindeville Government
Sam Schmitt Government
Russell Winn Government
Beth Pollack Languages & Linguistics
Amal Mostafa Mathematical Sciences
Michael De Antonio Physics
Krisstal Clayton Psychology
Julie Steinkopf Rice Sociology & Anthropology
Kassia Wosick–Correa Sociology & Anthropology
Jodie Kenney Staff
Manal Hamzeh Women’s Studies Program
M. Catherine Jonet Women’s Studies Program
Shirley Judson Women’s Studies Program
Business Arash Azadegan Management
Joe Gladstone Management
Pia Albinsson Marketing & General Business
Doña Ana Community College Olga Viramontes Arts & Humanities
Hiranya Roychowdhury Health Occupation Program
Susan Pinkerton Library Science
Sheila Fetherlin Nursing Assistant Program
Debra Kemp Nursing Associate Degree Program
Robert Brokate Technical Studies
Education Ivelisse Torres Fernandez Counseling & Ed Psychology
Rafael Espinoza Curriculum & Instruction
Miguel Licona Curriculum & Instruction
Dana Christman Educational Management & Development
Joseph Berning Human Performance, Dance & Recreation
Robert Rhodes Special Education/Communication Disorders
Engineering Chunpei Cai Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
Robert Paz Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sonya Cooper Engineering Technology & Survey Engineering
John Mullen Industrial Engineering
Grants Campus Michael Leach Regular Academic Instr
Health & Social Services Sue Forster–Cox Health Science
Rebecca Palacios Health Science
Eva Aguilar Nursing
Iris Mullins Nursing
Marilyn Pase Nursing
Anita Reinhardt Nursing
Stephen Anderson Social Work
Suzanne Bushfield Social Work
Yosikazu DeRoos Social Work
Library Cary Osborne Archives & Special Collections
Paula C Johnson Reference & Research
Mardi Mahaffy Reference & Research
Dotty Ormes Reference & Research
Theresa Westbrock Reference & Research
Liz Miller Technical Services


Sustaining Members

Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences Natalia Boyce Cooperative Extension Service
Tracy Sterling Entomology, Plant Path & Weed Science
Elizabeth Albin Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
Betsy Stringam Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
April Ulery Plant & Environmental Sciences
Alamogordo Campus Tanya Allred Academic Instruction
Elizabeth Grundhoffer Academic Instruction
Arts & Sciences Nancy Chanover Astronomy
Jason Jackiewicz Astronomy
Paul Strycker Astronomy
Maria G. Castillo Biology
Jennifer Curtiss Biology
Michael McDowell Biology
Elba Serrano Biology
Lina Urquidi Biology
John Xu Biology
William Quintana Chemistry & Biochemistry
Greg Armfield Communication Studies
Justine Chavez–Crespin Communication Studies
Jamie Hester Communication Studies
Danielle Jones Communication Studies
Chung–Chien Hong Computer Science
Lisa Bond–Maupin Criminal Justice
Chris Burnham English
Amy Dalzell English
Carrie Grinstead English
Krystal Languell English
Timothy Roe English
Mónica Torres English
Laura Walker English
Nancy McMillan Geological Sciences
Nancy Baker Government
Jeff Brown History
Patricia MacGregor–Mendoza Languages & Linguistics
Shelly Stovall Music
Michaela Burkardt Physics
Lisa Jo Elliott Psychology
Patricia Hoffman Sociology & Anthropology
Sheila Prados Sociology & Anthropology
Mary Benanti Women’s Studies Program
Business Richard Adkisson Economics & International Business
Christopher Erickson Economics & International Business
Isaac Wanasika Management
Elise Pookie Sautter Marketing & General Business
Division of Student Success Bethany Bovard Staff
Doña Ana Community College Kate Rhodes Education
Margaret Loring English & Communication
Teresa Brandon Health Occupations
Ratna Pankayatselvan Health Occupations
Ali Ahmad Math & Physical Science
Shakir Manshad Math & Physical Science
Jose Aranda Office Technology
Linda Skalic Office Technology
Faith Hutson Sonography Program
Education Carlos Baca–Chacon Curriculum & Instruction
Maria Mercado Curriculum & Instruction
Jennifer Neakrase Curriculum & Instruction
Amneh Al-rawashdeh Educational Management & Development
Gary Ivory Educational Management & Development
Juana M. Hannan Educational Research Center
Michael Morehead Staff
Engineering Young Lee Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
Martha Mitchell Chemical Engineering
Muhammad Dawood Electrical & Computer Engineering
Steve Stochaj Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ruinian Jiang Engineering Technology & Survey Engineering
Health & Social Services Cynthia Kratzke Health Science
Maria Ortiz Social Work
Library Charles Stanford Archives & Special Collections
Sarah Baker Reference & Research
Alisa Gonzalez Reference & Research
Tracey Thompson Technical Services
Staff Sudha Murthy Research
Harold Smith Research
Shawn Werner Teaching Academy
Rachel Gallagher University Communications



Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences Chris Delgado Cooperative Extension Service
Paul Gutierrez Cooperative Extension Service
David Thompson Entomology, Plant Pathology & Weed Science
Keith Mandabach Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
Jolie Tixier Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
Tim McKimmie Staff
Arts & Sciences Charles Miller Astronomy
Tanya Tavenner Astronomy
David Teal Astronomy
Rene Walterbos Astronomy
Alexandru Boje Biology
Wendy Castle Biology
Immo Hansen Biology
Michele Nishiguchi Biology
Leonard Santisteban Biology
Gary Rayson Chemistry & Biochemistry
Aaron Rowland Chemistry & Biochemistry
Rachel Tofteland Communication Studies
Hans Fugal Computer Science
Yang Zhang Computer Science
Jennifer Bracken English
Polina Chemishanova English
Susanna Clason English
Kaleb Heinemann English
Sipai Klein English
Allison Layfield English
Meghan Mcguire English
Marc Scott English
Jennifer Sheppard English
Kathryn Valentine English
Patti Wojahn English
Viola Fuentes Government
Christina Medina Government
Dietmar Schneider–Hector History
Roger Mellen Journalism & Mass Communications
Spencer Herrera Languages & Linguistics
Richard Rundell Languages & Linguistics
Mark Waltermire Languages & Linguistics
Mary Wolf Languages & Linguistics
Mary Ballyk Mathematical Sciences
Doug Kurtz Mathematical Sciences
Patrick Morandi Mathematical Sciences
John Sanders Mathematical Sciences
Caroline Sweezy Mathematical Sciences
Fernando Solorzano Molecular Biology
Tom Hearn Physics
Jamie Hughes Psychology
Ellie Hyeyeon Hwang Psychology
Laura Madson Psychology
Garrett Strosser Psychology
Nahtasha Garza–Swindle Sociology & Anthropology
Lee Hamilton Sociology & Anthropology
Rebecca Diemer Staff
Greg Fant Staff
Business Sherry Mills Accounting & Business Computer Systems
Yu-Feng (Winnie) Lee Economics & International Business
Tony Popp Economics & International Business
Al Berryman Finance
Lizbeth Ellis Finance
Rich Fortin Finance
Benjamin Taylor Finance
Steven Elias Management
Grace Ann Rosile Management
Collin Payne Marketing & General Business
Sarita Ray Chaudhury Marketing & General Business
Bing Xu Marketing & General Business
Kathy Brook Staff
Division of Student Success Bobbie Derlin Staff
Doña Ana Community College Deborah McCormick Adult Basic Education
Paul Vonnahme Arts & Humanities
Donna Saulsberry Computer Technology
Patricia Marr Dental Auxiliary Program
Michael D. Brown Digital Imaging & Design
Kyle Green Digital Imaging & Design
Chipper Moore Digital Imaging & Design
Luis Rios Digital Imaging & Design
Mark Vasconcellos Digital Imaging & Design
Tamara Gantzler–Woods Education Program
Kurt Depner English & Communications
Victoria Gonzalez English & Communications
Krista Kozel English & Communications
Richard DeRouen Fire Science Program
Jiming Chu Health Occupations Program
Amy Collins Health Occupations Program
Fred Lillibridge Institutional Effectiveness & Information Management
Tammy Welch Library & Media Center
Vickie Aldrich Math & Physical Science
David Blobner Math & Physical Science
Karen Lowe Math & Physical Science
Paul Mason Math & Physical Science
Donald Murphy Math & Physical Science
Hilda Williams Math & Physical Science
Marthe Wygant Math & Physical Science
Eppie Rivas Nursing Assistant Program
John Scarbrough Nursing Associate Degree Program
Bryan Koller Office Technology
Darla Matthew Sonography Program
Jon Davis Technical Studies
David Twitty Technical Studies
Education Eve Adams Counseling & Educational Psych
Heejung Chun Counseling & Educational Psych
Ginger Dickson Counseling & Educational Psych
Helen Bolen Curriculum & Instruction
Diane Walker Curriculum & Instruction
Eduardo Arellano Educational Management & Development
Ramon Dominguez Educational Management & Development
Marivel Oropeza Educational Management & Development
Mary Prentice Educational Management & Development
Charles Townley Educational Management & Development
Teresa Rowlison Educational Research Center
Kathleen Cronin Special Educational/Communication Disorders
Michael Fitzpatrick Special Educational/Communication Disorders
Elissa Poel Special Educational/Communication Disorders
Laurie Churchill Staff
Pat Conn Staff
Alicia Wheaton Staff
Engineering Gabe Garcia Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
Mingjun Wei Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
Paul Andersen Chemical Engineering
Shaguang Deng Chemical Engineering
Paola Bandini Civil Engineering
Nirmala Khandan Civil Engineering
Brad Weldon Civil Engineering
Sang Yeon Cho Electrical & Computer Engineering
Paul Furth Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sheila Horan Electrical & Computer Engineering
Delia Valles-Rosales Industrial Engineering
Markson Ofuoku Staff
Graduate School Luis Vazquez Staff
Health & Social Services Chuck Kozel Health Science
Ernesto Moralez Health Science
Mary Hoke Nursing
Robert Blair Social Work
Martha Roditti Social Work
Michael Young Staff
Library Laurence Creider Archives & Special Collections
Susan Beck Reference & Research
Nirmala Gunapala Reference & Research
Dave Baldwin Staff
Elizabeth Titus Staff
Staff Dario Silva Employee Health Services
Barbara Roy Information & Communication Technologies
Denise Welsh Media Technology
Patricia Hynes New Mexico Space Grant
Gerard Nevarez Office of the Provost
Ricardo Rel Other Department
Jay Jordan Physical Science Laboratory
Teresa Burgin Training & Development
Sharon Lalla Training & Development