Teaching Academy Members 2011

Earning membership in the Teaching Academy

Most Distinguished Members

The most distinguished members are the graduate student and the faculty member with the most Teaching Academy training hours who have not received the award before.

David Teal, Graduate Student, Astronomy

David Teal attended the semester long Publish & Flourish in 2009. It was his first Teaching Academy workshop, and he was hooked. Last semester, he was fortunate enough to be able to participate in another semester long workshop, Teaching Scholars. Teaching Scholars was invaluable: there he developed his teaching philosophy, interacted in an online teaching setting, engaged in diversity training, and transformed his syllabus into a valuable resource for his students. This semester he returned to Publish & Flourish, which helped him finish his astronomy master’s thesis on the Martian atmosphere. Including interactive learning in the classroom was the topic of his last workshop, and he strongly encourages everyone to learn about and incorporate this technique in their teaching.

Yu-Feng “Winnie” Lee, Associate Professor, Economics & International Business

Yu-Feng “Winnie” Lee is a proud and active participant in the Teaching Academy! She is an associate professor of economics in the Department of Economics & International Business, College of Business. She enjoys teaching, research, and other academic activities—certainly including attending various Teaching Academy workshops. This past year, she was selected as one of the cohort fellows in the ChAMPION Program, concurrently a member in theADVANCE Leadership Program, and many other workshops. To her, being a participant in these activities is rewarding and a great experience!

All most distinguished members

Distinguished Members

Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences Ram Acharya Ag Economics & Ag Business
Cynda Clary Agricultural & Extension Educ
Gaylene Fasenko Animal & Range Sciences
Eric Scholljegerdes Animal & Range Sciences
Esther Devall Family & Consumer Sciences
Kourtney Vaillancourt Family & Consumer Sciences
Wiebke Boeing Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Siriporn McDowall Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
Betsy Stringam Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
Kulbhushan Grover Plant & Env Sciences
Arts & Sciences Rani Alexander Anthropology
R T James Mcateer Astronomy
Paul Strycker Astronomy
David Teal Astronomy
Kiran Sapkota Biology
Dede Dunlavy Chemistry & Biochemistry
David E. Smith Chemistry & Biochemistry
Karen Villaverde Computer Science
Derek Fisher Creative Media Institute
Elizabeth Brasher English
Laurie Churchill English
Deborah LaPorte English
Michael LaTorra English
Niki Mott English
Cindy Murrell English
EmmaLee Pallai English
Madeleine Vessel English
Michael DeMers Geography
Christina Medina Government
Jon Hunner History
Mary Lamonica Journalism & Mass Comm
Carol Calk Languages & Linguistics
Jeff Longwell Languages & Linguistics
Matthias Burkardt Physics
Shyam Kattel Physics
Stephen Pate Physics
Michael Collier Psychology
Ellie Hyeyeon Hwang Psychology
Timothy Ketelaar Psychology
Mary Benanti Sociology
Manal Hamzeh Sociology
Kathryn Hovey Sociology
Rodrigo Mora Sociology
Business Richard Oliver Accounting & Business Computer Systems
Yu-Feng “Winnie” Lee Economics & International Business
Steven Elias Management
Gerald Hampton Marketing & General Business
Mihai Niculescu Marketing & General Business
Doña Ana Community College Heather Williams Arts & Humanities
Joan Keeney Business Occupations Program
Stephen DeGiulio Education Program
Kate Rhodes Education Program
Joyce Bradley Emergency Paramedic Program
Krista Kozel English & Communications
Ratna Pankayatselvan Health Occupation Program
Hiranya Roychowdhury Health Occupation Program
Myong O’Donnell Nursing Associate Degree Program
Matt Huchmala Office Technology, Legal Study & Library Technology
Mary Sletten Office Technology, Legal Study & Library Technology
Education Dawn Bates Counseling & Ed Psychology
Dianna Gonzalez Counseling & Ed Psychology
Ivelisse Torres Fernandez Counseling & Ed Psychology
Everett Egginton Curriculum & Instruction
Dana Christman Educational Management & Development
Azadeh Osanloo Educational Management & Development
Sanaa Shindi Educational Management & Development
Monica Brown Special Educational & Communication Disorders
Elissa Poel Special Educational & Communication Disorders
Marlene Salas-Provance Special Educational & Communication Disorders
Engineering Jessica Houston Chemical Engineering
Lambis Papelis Civil Engineering
Paul Furth Electrical & Computer Engineering
Alla Kammerdiner Industrial Engineering
Health & Social Services Iris Mullins Nursing
Trinette Radasa Nursing
June Vermillion Nursing
Library Norice Lee Access Services
Steve Hussman Archives & Special Collections
Paula C Johnson Reference & Research
Dotty Ormes Reference & Research
NMSU–Grants Cynthia Aragon Academic Instruction
Staff Shelly Stovall Office of the Associate Provost
Rene Guillaume Division of Student Success
Julia Parra Division of Student Success
Ricardo Rel Government Affairs
Sharon Lalla Instructional Innovation & Quality
Wendy K. Wilkins Provost

Sustaining Members

Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences Ryan Ashley Animal & Range Sciences
Vickie Galindo Cooperative Extension Service
Mark Andersen Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Ecology
Julie Correa Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
Keith Mandabach Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
Dawn Browning Jornada Experimental Range
Caiti Steele Jornada Experimental Range
Jesus Sigala Plant & Environmental Sciences
Arts & Sciences Miriam Chaiken Anthropology
John Roby Anthropology
Anne Jacobs Biology
Menuka Karki Biology
John Xu Biology
Nicholas Beltran Chemistry & Biochemistry
Greg Armfield Communication Studies
Anne Hubbell Communication Studies
Yang Zhang Computer Science
Robert Duran Criminal Justice
Dulcinea Lara Criminal Justice
Adriana Caraballo English
Cathilia Flores English
Gerri McCulloh English
Matthew Moberly English
Patti Wojahn English
Michaela Buenemann Geography
Diana Karina Soto Government
Patricia MacGregor–Mendoza Languages & Linguistics
Mark Waltermire Languages & Linguistics
Amal Mostafa Mathematical Sciences
Christine Roof Molecular Biology
Michaela Burkardt Physics
Michael De Antonio Physics
Lisa Jo Elliott Psychology
Jamie Hughes Psychology
Laura Madson Psychology
Patricia Hoffman Sociology
Julie Steinkopf Rice Sociology
Kassia Wosick Sociology
Business Richard Adkisson Economics & International Business
Naomi Schmidt Economics & International Business
Judith Weisinger Management
Sarah Fischbach Marketing & General Business
Elise Pookie Sautter Marketing & General Business
Doña Ana Community College Don Dutton Adult Basic Education
David Burleson Arts & Humanities
Martha McCaslin Dental Auxiliary Program
Sheri Roelle Dental Hygiene Program
Deborah McCormick Education Program
Margaret Loring English & Communications
Shana Mason English & Communications
Fred Lillibridge Institutional Effectiveness & Information Management
Vickie Aldrich Math & Physical Sciences
Tarlochan Dhillon Technical Studies
Education E. Lorena Navarro Counseling & Educational Psychology
Lida Uribe-Florez Curriculum & Instruction
Glenn Haven Educational Management & Development
Robert Rhodes SPED/CD
Marlene Salas–Provance SPED/CD
Engineering Hongmei Luo Chemical Engineering
Martha Mitchell Chemical Engineering
Laura Boucheron Electrical & Computer Engineering
Muhammad Dawood Electrical & Computer Engineering
Robert Paz Electrical & Computer Engineering
Manuel Gomez Engineering Technology & Survey Engineering
John Mullen Industrial Engineering
Health & Social Services Sue Forster–Cox Health Science
Cynthia Kratzke Health Science
Michael Young Health Science
Marilyn Pase Nursing
Anita Reinhardt Nursing
Robert Blair Social Work
Nancy Campbell Social Work
Maria Ortiz Social Work
Library Cary Osborne Archives & Special Collections
Nirmala Gunapala Reference & Research
Mardi Mahaffy Reference & Research
Cindy Pierard Reference & Research
Ingrid Schneider Technical Services
Staff Bobbie Derlin Associate Provost
Kathy Brook College of Business
Bethany Bovard Division of Student Success
Emilia O’Neill Employee Health Services
Holly Rae Bemis–Schurtz Extended Learning
Jenna Deinert Graduate School
Melissa Chavira Center for Learning & Professional Development
Denise Welsh Media Technology


Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences Laurie Abbott Animal & Range Sciences
Wanda Eastman Family & Consumer Sciences
Martha Desmond Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Jin Yao Jornada Experimental Range
Ian Ray Plant & Environmental Sciences
April Ulery Plant & Environmental Sciences
Arts & Sciences Julie Fitzsimmons Art
Margaret Goehring Art
Nancy Chanover Astronomy
Kathryn Hanley Biology
Karen Mabry Biology
Michèle Shuster Biology
Timothy Wright Biology
Jeffrey Arterburn Chemistry & Biochemistry
Huiping Cao Computer Science
Joe Song Computer Science
Jody Crowley Criminal Justice
David Keys Criminal Justice
Kelsie Hahn English
Allison Layfield English
Mónica Torres English
Laura Williams English
Christopher Brown Geography
Nancy McMillan Geological Sciences
Neil Harvey Government
Spencer Herrera Languages & Linguistics
Louiza Fouli Mathematical Sciences
Jean–Paul Vessel Philosophy
Igor Dolgov Psychology
Joshua Sandry Psychology
Dominic Simon Psychology
Robert Goodman Sociology
M. Catherine Jonet Sociology
sharon march Sociology
Business Ed Scribner Accounting & Business Computer Systems
Christopher Erickson Economics & International Business
Lizbeth Ellis Finance
Rich Fortin Finance
Jennifer Zarzosa Marketing & General Business
Doña Ana Community College Eva Luevano Adult Basic Education
Lora Ross Adult Basic Education
Vita Hoffman Dental Auxiliary Program
Lamaia Vaughn Digital Imaging & Design
Sylvia Nickerson Education Program
Alexander Gonzalez Emergency Paramedic Program
Amy Garcia English & Communication
Susan Wood English & Communication
Sheila Patenaude General Studies
Linda Schaberg Health & Public Services
Sarah Balizan Health Occupation Program
Yubao Li Library & Media Center
John Patrick Mathematics & Physical Sciences
Education Jon Schwartz Counseling & Educational Psychology
Ramon Dominguez Educational Management & Development
Gary Ivory Educational Management & Development
Kristin Kew Educational Management & Development
Aishah Ortega Special Educational/Communication Disorders
Engineering Paul Andersen Chemical Engineering
Paola Bandini Civil Engineering
Imelda Olague–Caballero Civil Engineering
Brad Weldon Civil Engineering
Steve Stochaj Electrical & Computer Engineering
Delia Valles-Rosales Industrial Engineering
Eric Butcher Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Vincent Choo Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Health & Social Services Chuck Kozel Health Science
Teresa Leon Nursing
Geri Schmotzer Nursing
Mary Sizemore Nursing
Stephen Anderson Social Work
Yosikazu DeRoos Social Work
Madeline Gillette Social Work
Library Donna Burkholder Access Services
Sarah Baker Reference & Research
Ellen Bosman Technical Services
Liz Miller Technical Services
NMSU–Alamogordo Sonja DeVargas Regular Academic Instruction
Staff Angela Throneberry Administration & Finance
Garrey Carruthers College of Business
Phil Washburn Corbett Center
Sally Rel Center for Learning & Professional Development
Angela Arviso Division of Student Success
Carmen Gonzales Division of Student Success
Tim Hand Division of Student Success
Phillip Johnson Division of Student Success
Maribel Tellez Division of Student Success
Michael Morehead Education
Darío Silva Employee Health Services
Ricardo Jacquez Engineering
Laura Spencer Ethnic Studies
Sandra Johnson Extended Learning
Linda Lacey Graduate School
William Eamon Honors Program
Brian Ormand Instructional Innovation & Quality
Elizabeth Titus Library
Greg Fant Office of the Provost
Diana Quintana President’s Office
Stephanie Torrez Social Services
Carol Brown Student Services