Teaching Academy Members 2012

Earning membership in the Teaching Academy

Most Distinguished Members

The most distinguished members are the graduate student and the faculty member with the most Teaching Academy training hours who have not received the award before.

Menuka Karki, Graduate Student, Biology

Menuka Karki, a graduate teaching assistant at the Department of Biology, became so motivated by Teaching Academy workshops and events that she managed to find time to participate in many of them. Menuka was able to get productive comments on her teaching through Classroom Visitations and Peer Coaching and has developed learning objectives for each chapter of the class she teaches through Team-Based Learning. Similarly, throughTeam Mentoring, she was able to identify teaching techniques needed in her class and simultaneously honed her writing skills through Writing Groups and the Scholarly Writing Retreat. In spring 2012, Menuka received the Graduate Teaching Excellence Award from the Department of Biology and she credits the Teaching Academy and her mentors for the award. Menuka finds the Teaching Academy a great resource for graduate students and graduate assistants, and feels proud to have graduated from many training courses from the Academy.

Alla Kammerdiner, Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering

Dr. Alla Kammerdiner is an assistant professor of industrial engineering in the College of Engineering at New Mexico State University. She joined NMSU in Fall 2010. Prior to that, she was a visiting faculty at Arizona State University and a National Research Council postdoctoral research associate for the Air Force Research Laboratory at Eglin Air Force Base. Dr. Kammerdiner’s research interests are in applied statistics, data mining, and combinatorial optimization. She teaches courses in engineering economics, discrete event simulation, and multivariate statistical analysis. As a pre-tenure faculty who has a lot to learn, Dr. Kammerdiner is especially grateful to the Teaching Academy for offering so many unique opportunities for professional development, for learning from the best educators and researchers, for networking, and for fun. Dr. Kammerdiner benefitted tremendously from so many of these events, including the Scholarly Writing Retreat, Writing across the Curriculum, Team-Based Learning, Active Learning, Grant Writing, Safe Zone Training, Team Mentoring, ADVANCE Mentoring, and the Faculty Excursions with the Provost.

All most distinguished members

Distinguished Members

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Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences Cynda Clary Agricultural & Extension Education
Ram Acharya Agricultural Economics & Agricultural Business
Derek Bailey Animal & Range Sciences
Gaylene Fasenko Animal & Range Sciences
Laura White Animal & Range Sciences
Siriporn McDowall Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
Betsy Stringam Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
Christopher Cramer Plant & Environmental Sciences
Richard Pratt Plant & Environmental Sciences
Arts & Sciences Katerina Reka Art
Aleksandra Andic Astronomy
Vigeesh Gangadharan Astronomy
Robert T.J. Mcateer Astronomy
Charles Miller Astronomy
Jennie DeMarco Biology
Menuka Karki Biology
Kiran Sapkota Biology
Charles Shuster Biology
Citlalin Xochime Biology
Karen Villaverde Computer Science
Marija Dimitrijevic Criminal Justice
Lori Gallegos Ortiz Criminal Justice
Deborah Laporte English
Tracey Miller–Tomlinson English
Niki Mott English
Barry Thatcher English
Megan Wong English
Jeff Amato Geological Sciences
Andrea Orzoff History
Jesus Barquet Languages & Linguistics
Patricia MacGregor–Mendoza Languages & Linguistics
Mayra Valtierrez Languages & Linguistics
Mark Waltermire Languages & Linguistics
Amal Mostafa Mathematical Sciences
Michaela Burkardt Physics
Michael De Antonio Physics
Manjita Shrestha Physics
Rebecca D’Orazio Psychology
Igor Dolgov Psychology
Hyeyeon Hwang Psychology
James Kroger Psychology
Liam McMahon Psychology
Matthew Rambert Psychology
Arryn Robbins Psychology
James Schaeffer Psychology
Dominic Simon Psychology
Adam Underwood Psychology
Patricia Hoffman Sociology
Melody Jonet Sociology
Claudia Billings Theatre Arts
Business Edmund Scribner Accounting & Information Systems
Dale Spencer Accounting & Information Systems
Violeta Diaz Avilez Finance
Harikumar Sankaran Finance
Judith Weisinger Management
Kelly Tian Marketing
Elise Sautter Marketing
Doña Ana Community College Layle Chambers Arts & Humanities
Rajaa Shindi Computer Support
Joshua Hamling English & Communications
Hiranya Roychowdhury Health Occupation Program
Mia Kalish Institutional Effectiveness & Information Management
Linda Schaberg Nursing Associate Degree Program
Education Dawn Bates Counseling & Educational Psychology
Claudia Porras Counseling & Educational Psychology
Jonathan Schwartz Counseling & Educational Psychology
Loui Reyes Curriculum & Instruction
Maria Mercado Curriculum & Instruction
Lida Uribe–Florez Curriculum & Instruction
Kimal Honour Djam Educational Management & Development
Dawnn Moore Educational Management & Development
Azadeh Osanloo Educational Management & Development
Cristobal Rodriguez Educational Management & Development
Engineering Shaguang Deng Chemical Engineering
Martha Mitchell Engineering Research Center
Alla Kammerdiner Industrial Engineering
Christina Schaub Industrial Engineering
Laura Boucheron Electrical & Computer Engineering
Health & Social Services Sue Forster–Cox Health Science
Susan Wilson Health Science
Mary Hoke Nursing
Marilyn Pase Nursing
Anita Reinhardt Nursing
Maria Ortiz Social Work
Library Ellen Bosman Library Technical Services
Staff Kathy Brook College of Business
Sandra Johnson Distance Education
Shon Meyer Health & Wellness
Shelly Stovall Office of the Associate Provost
Wendy K. Wilkins Provost
Miguel Vicens Feliberty Office of the VP for Economic Development

Sustaining Members

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Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences Laurie Abbott Animal & Range Sciences
Frank Hodnett Cooperative Extension Service
Charles Siepel Cooperative Extension Service
Rebecca Creamer Entomology, Plant Pathology & Weed Science
M. Fahzy Abdel–Rahman Family & Consumer Sciences
Esther Devall Family & Consumer Sciences
Stuart Munson–McGee Family & Consumer Sciences
Wiebke Boeing Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Mary O’Connell Plant & Environmental Sciences
Alamogordo Campus Ann French Regular Academic Instruction
Elizabeth Grundhoffer Regular Academic Instruction
Karen Reid Regular Academic Instruction
Mary Keith Occupational & Vocational Instruction
Arts & Sciences Miriam Chaiken Anthropology
Mary Alice Scott Anthropology
Tauna Cole–Dorn Art
Janet Darrow Biology
John Gustafson Biology
Michele Nishiguchi Biology
Elizabeth Strietelmeier Biology
Kevin Houston Chemistry & Biochemistry
Glenn Kuehn Chemistry & Biochemistry
Anne Hubbell Communication Studies
Derek Fisher Creative Media Institute
Philip Lewis Creative Media Institute
R.J. Maratea Criminal Justice
Colleen Bond English
Amy Dalzell English
Jennifer England English
Nancy Hastings English
Jessica Havstad English
Mónica Torres English
Martha Trujillo English
Christopher Brown Geography
Michaela Buenemann Geography
Neil Harvey Government
Christina Medina Government
Daniel Scheller Government
Roger Mellen Journalism & Mass Communication
Simplice Tchamna Kouna Mathematical Sciences
Sieun An Psychology
Michael Collier Psychology
Lisa Jo Elliott Psychology
Laura Madson Psychology
Allison Tripp Psychology
Sasha Richardson Sociology
Tom Smith Theatre Arts
Business Richard Adkisson Economics & International Business
Lizbeth Ellis Finance
Steven Elias Management
Stephanie Maynard–Patrick Management
Doña Ana Community College Deborah McCormick Adult Basic Education
Paul Vonnahme Arts & Humanities
Fred Huff Computer Technology Program
Stephen Degiulio Education Program
Joyce Bradley Emergency Paramedic Program
Debasmita Roychowdhury English & Communication
Jonathan Davis Health Occupation Program
Sheila Fetherlin Nursing Assistant Program
Education Cathy Kinzer Curriculum & Instruction
Volnei Vasconcelos Curriculum & Instruction
Dana Christman Educational Management & Development
Natashia Hill Educational Management & Development
Eric Lopez Special Education & Communication Disorders
Engineering Jessica Houston Chemical Engineering
Hongmei Luo Chemical Engineering
Douglas Cortes Civil & Geological Engineering
Edward Pines Industrial Engineering
Hansuk Sohn Industrial Engineering
Muhammed Dawood Electrical & Computer Engineering
Paul Furth Electrical & Computer Engineering
Vojin Oklobdzija Electrical & Computer Engineering
Robert Paz Electrical & Computer Engineering
Vincent Choo Mechanical Engineering
Crystal Lay Mechanical Engineering
Grants Campus Michael Leach Regular Academic Instruction
Health & Social Services Cynthia Kratzke Health Science
Rebecca Palacios Health Science
June Vermilion Nursing
Robert Blair Social Work
Donna Wagner Social Work
Library Nirmala Gunapala Reference & Research
Paula Johnson Reference & Research
Cynthia Pierard Reference & Research
Staff James Libbin College of Agriculture, Consumer & Environmental Sciences
Jeffrey Brown College of Arts & Sciences
Ken Van Winkle College of Arts & Sciences
Roberta Derlin Associate Provost
Roseanne Bensley Career Services
Melissa Chavira Center for Learning & Professional Development
Regina Galvan Employment Services
Ricardo Jacquez College of Engineering
Marcella Martinez Office of the VP Economic Development
Mikidadu Mohammed Office of the VP Economic Development
Gregory Fant Office of the Executive VP & Provost


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Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences Terry Crawford Agricultural Economics & Agricultural Business
Colleen Richardson Animal & Range Sciences
Timothy Ross Animal & Range Sciences
Bethany Siehr Animal & Range Sciences
Sergio Soto–Navarro Animal & Range Sciences
Cassandra McClure Biological Security & Food Safety Center
Alvaro Romero Entomology, Plant Pathology & Weed Science
Brian Schutte Entomology, Plant Pathology & Weed Science
Natalie Goldberg Extension Plant Sciences
Margaret Bock Family & Consumer Sciences
Uma Krishnan Family & Consumer Sciences
Kourtney Vaillancourt Family & Consumer Sciences
Nathan East Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Darin Kopp Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Allison Leimer Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Elizabeth Samson Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Janet Green Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
Dawn Browning Jornada Experimental Range
Jin Yao Jornada Experimental Range
Kulbhushan Grover Plant & Environmental Sciences
Alamogordo Campus Jody Reynolds Regular Academic Instruction
Arts & Sciences M. Lois Stanford Anthropology
Thomas Brown Art
Julie Fitzsimmons Art
Jamie Howard Biology
Gizelle Hurtado Biology
Meredith MacAteer Brown Biology
Ralph Preszler Biology
Elba Serrano Biology
William Quintana Chemistry & Biochemistry
David Smith Chemistry & Biochemistry
Greg Armfield Communication Studies
Ivan Dylko Communication Studies
Debbie Gornal Communication Studies
Vicki Nisbett Communication Studies
Enrico Pontelli Computer Science
William Corbett Criminal Justice
James Maupin Criminal Justice
Eva Telles Criminal Justice
Christopher Burnham English
Kelsie Hahn English
Emmalee Pallai English
Rebecca Powell English
Madeleine Vessel English
Patti Wojahn English
Nancy McMillan Geological Sciences
Jon Hunner History
Mary Lamonica Journalism & Mass Communication
Mary Wolf Languages & Linguistics
Joseph Lakey Mathematical Sciences
Loretta Keleher Philosophy
Danny Scoccia Philosophy
Matthias Burkardt Physics
Stefan Zollner Physics
Wang Baoyu Psychology
Melissa Guynn Psychology
Timothy Ketelaar Psychology
Ashley O’Hearn Psychology
April Bond Sociology
Kathryn Hovey Sociology
Martha Loustaunau Sociology
Business Cindy Tunnell Accounting & Information Systems
Dennis Clason Economics & International Business
Maria De Boyrie Economics & International Business
Richard Fortin Finance
Kenneth Martin Finance
John Loveland Management
Suzanne Conner Marketing
Doña Ana Community College Frank Smith Advising Services
Jessica Davis Arts & Humanities
Joseph Smith Business & Office Technology
Emilia O’Neill Baker Counseling & Disabled Student Services
Tarlochan Dhillon Electronic Technology Program
Paul Cline Emergency Paramedic Program
Laurie Floyd English & Communication
Angela Chavez Health & Public Services
Jessica Perez Health Occupation Program
Maryjo Clark Mathematics & Physical Science
John Patrick Mathematics & Physical Science
Darla J. Matthew Sonography Program
Mozella Garcia Student Success Center
Education Hsiu–Lan Cheng Counseling & Educational Psychology
Gladys De Necochea Counseling & Educational Psychology
Sharna Horn Counseling & Educational Psychology
Everett Egginton Curriculum & Instruction
Julia Parra Curriculum & Instruction
Amneh Al–Rawashdeh Educational Management & Development
Kim O’Connell–Brock Human Performance, Dance & Recreation
Robert Wood Human Performance, Dance & Recreation
Linda Spencer Special Education & Communication Disorders
Engineering Paul Andersen Chemical Engineering
Mark Chidester Chemical Engineering
Rosa Olague Caballero Civil Engineering
Adrian Hanson Civil Engineering
Steven Stochaj Electrical & Computer Engineering
Delia Valles-Rosales Industrial Engineering
Ian Leslie Mechanical Engineering
Health & Social Services Pearl Hawe Health Science
Mark Kittleson Health Science
Health & Social Services Charles Kozel Health Science
Karen Hand Nursing
Teresa Leon Nursing
Iris Mullins Nursing
Pam Schultz Nursing
Mary Sizemore Nursing
Tina Hancock Social Work
Library Cary Osborne Archives & Special Collections
Charles Stanford Archives & Special Collections
Sarah Baker Reference & Research
Mardi Mahaffy Reference & Research
Elizabeth Miller Technical Services
Staff Steven Loring Agricultural Experiment Station
David Thompson Agricultural Experiment Station
Jodie Kenney Arts & Sciences Advising Center
Edward Rodriguez Arts & Sciences Advising Center
David Melendez Center for Academic Success
Moana Jarvis Center for Learning & Professional Development
Sally Rel Center for Learning & Professional Development
Evette Runyon Chicano Programs
Timothy Strasser Chicano Programs
Lisa Bond–Maupin College of Arts & Sciences
Beth Pollack College of Arts & Sciences
Christa Slaton College of Arts & Sciences
Garrey Carruthers College of Business
Juana Hannan College of Education
Michael Morehead College of Education
Robert Rhodes College of Education
Karin Wiburg College of Education
Sonya Cooper College of Engineering
Tilahun Adera College of Health & Social Services
Susan Bussmann Distance Education
Kerry Forsythe Distance Education
Miley Grandjean Distance Education
Wenona Nutima Distance Education
Bernadette Montoya Division of Student Success
Darío Silva Employee Health Services
Kelley Hestir College of Extended Learning
Ricardo Rel Government Affairs Office
Milen Bartnick Graduate School
Linda Lacey Graduate School
Luis Vazquez Graduate School
William Eamon Honors Program & Crimson Scholars
Elizabeth Titus Library
Denise Welsh Media Technology
Judith Bosland Office of the Executive VP & Provost
Joy Griffin Office of the Executive VP & Provost
Angela Throneberry Office of the President
Richard Duchaussee Other Department
Brenda Purcell Strategic Relations