Teaching Academy Members 2013

Earning membership in the Teaching Academy

Most Distinguished Members

The most distinguished members are the graduate student and the faculty member with the most Teaching Academy training hours who have not received the award before.

Aleksandra Andic, Postdoc, Astronomy

Aleksandra Andic earned the Most Distinguished Postdoctoral Award by virtue of participating in the most hours of professional development at the Teaching Academy of any postdoctoral or graduate student in the past year. Dr. Andic is a hardworking postdoc in the Astronomy Department, where she studies the sun. She is from Bosnia, received her Ph.D. in Germany, and worked in the U.K. At the Teaching Academy, she completed a number of courses, including: Effective Teaching, Engaging Millennial Learners, Working with Diversity, Encouraging Excellence in Teamwork, Flipping your Classroom, and How to Evaluate Teaching. In addition, she participated in two longer courses: Team-Based Learning and Teaching Scholars: Excelling as a Teacher. In the Fall of 2012, Dr. Andic taught The Planets, Astronomy 105G, in which she applied all of her newly learned teaching methods to her students’ delight.

Pat Hoffman, College Associate Professor, Sociology
Pat Hoffman earned the Most Distinguished Faculty Award by virtue of participating in the most hours of professional development at the Teaching Academy of any faculty in the past year. Dr. Hoffman is college associate professor in the Department of Sociology. In 2003, Dr. Hoffman was hired at NMSU to develop an online degree in sociology. This bachelor’s degree was very successful and the master’s degree was added with funding from a grant co-authored by Pat. Her experience teaching in an inner city school in Detroit and on the border between Virginia and West Virginia in the Appalachian Mountains helped her develop a deep concern for students who just need a boost, not so different from many of our students here at NMSU. According to Dr. Hoffman, many students say if it were not for the online degree they would never have been able to get a degree.

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Distinguished Members

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Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences Gaylene Fasenko Animal & Range Sciences
Laura White Animal & Range Sciences
Alvaro Romero Entomology Plant Path & Weed Science
Margaret Bock Family & Consumer Sciences
Esther Devall Family & Consumer Sciences
Marcel Montanez Family & Consumer Sciences
Kelley Coffeen Hotel Restaurant & Tourism Management
Keith Mandabach Hotel Restaurant & Tourism Management
Siriporn McDowall Hotel Restaurant & Tourism Management
Rolston St Hilaire Plant & Environmental Sciences
Arts & Sciences Mary Alice Scott Anthropology
Aleksandra Andic Astronomy
Vigeesh Gangadharan Astronomy
Bernard McNamara Astronomy
Charles Miller Astronomy
Jennie DeMarco Biology
Menuka Karki Biology
Citlalin Xochime Biology
Karen Villaverde Computer Science
Francisco Alatorre Criminal Justice
Andrea Joseph Criminal Justice
Renee Despres English
Gerri McCulloh English
Niki Mott English
Megan Wong English
Christopher Brown Geography
Alyne Fulte Mathematical Sciences
James Shearer Music
Michaela Burkardt Physics
Michael De Antonio Physics
Manjita Shrestha Physics
Rebecca D’Orazio Psychology
Timothy Ketelaar Psychology
James Kroger Psychology
Justin MacDonald Psychology
Liam McMahon Psychology
Matthew Rambert Psychology
James Schaeffer Psychology
Dominic Simon Psychology
Adam Underwood Psychology
Patricia Hoffman Sociology
Cynthia Pelak Sociology
Laura Williams Sociology
Business Kevin Melendrez Accounting & Information Systems
Miguel Vicens Feliberty Economics & International Business
Lizbeth Ellis Finance
Chet Barney Management
Steven Elias Management
Doña Ana Community College Layle Chambers Arts & Humanities
Kurt Depner English & Communication
Krista Kozel English & Communication
Hiranya Roychowdhury Health Occupation
Ali Ahmad Mathematics & Physical Science
Education Claudia Porras Counseling & Educational Psychology
Jeanette Haynes Curriculum & Instruction
Miguel Licona Curriculum & Instruction
Wenjie Wang Curriculum & Instruction
Mary Prentice Educational Management & Development
Zhen Chai Special Education & Communication Disorders
Marlene Salas-Provance Special Education & Communication Disorders
Engineering Martha Mitchell Engineering Research Center
Alla Kammerdiner Industrial Engineering
Paul Furth Electrical & Computer Engineering
Robert Paz Electrical & Computer Engineering
Health & Social Services Satyapriya Rao Health Science
Maria Gurrola Social Work
Tina Hancock Social Work
Library Felipe Castillo Library Reference & Research Services
Paula Johnson Library Reference & Research Services
Josefine Smith Library Reference & Research Services
Staff Mariam Abdelmalak College of Education
Roseanne Bensley Career Services
Arryn Robbins Graduate School
Christina Chavez Kelley Student Diversity & Outreach

Sustaining Members

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Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences Jennifer Simonsen Agricultural Economics & Agricultural Business
Amy Ganguli Animal & Range Sciences
Wiebke Boeing Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Martha Desmond Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Betsy Stringam Hotel Restaurant & Tourism Management
Marisa Potter Plant & Environmental Sciences
Richard Pratt Plant & Environmental Sciences
April Ulery Plant & Environmental Sciences
Arts & Sciences Fumiyasu Arakawa Anthropology
Miriam Chaiken Anthropology
Margaret Goehring Art
Robert T. J. McAteer Astronomy
Angus Dawe Biology
Catherine Koch Biology
Amy Marion Biology
Daniel Ramirez-Gordillo Biology
Michèle Shuster Biology
Graciela Unguez Biology
Greg Armfield Communication Studies
Anne Hubbell Communication Studies
Derek Fisher Creative Media
Ilana Lapid Creative Media
Carlos Posadas Criminal Justice
Eva Telles Criminal Justice
Laurie Churchill English
Jennifer England English
Nancy Hastings English
Tracey Miller-Tomlinson English
Lisa Ramirez English
Dylan Retzinger English
Mónica Torres English
Nancy McMillan Geological Sciences
Neil Harvey Government
Jon Hunner History
Roger Mellen Journalism & Mass Communications
Sandra Deshors Languages & Linguistics
Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza Languages & Linguistics
Pradip Aryal Mathematical Sciences
Tiziana Giorgi Mathematical Sciences
Amal Mostafa Mathematical Sciences
Lokendra Paudel Mathematical Sciences
Simplice Tchamna Kouna Mathematical Sciences
Nancy Joy Music
Allan Kaplan Music
Lekha Adhikari Physics
Michael Collier Psychology
Michael Marks Psychology
Michael Pyle Psychology
Kathryn Hovey Sociology
Jennie Luna Sociology
Dakota Raynes Sociology
Julie Rice Sociology
Timothy Smith Theatre Arts
William Storm Theatre Arts
Business Naomi Schmidt Economics & International Business
Stephanie Maynard-Patrick Management
Judith Weisinger Management
Carlsbad Campus Nicole Olsson-Dail Academic Support Section
Doña Ana Community College Sandra Abernathy Business & Office Technology
Kathryn Achen Business & Office Technology
Mary Sletten Business & Office Technology
Tarlochan Dhillon Electronic Technology Program
Joyce Bradley Emergency Medical Paramedec Program
Patricia Roby Nursing Assistant Program
Darla J. Matthew Sonography Program
Education Jonathan Schwartz Counseling & Educational Psychology
Enedina Vazquez Counseling & Educational Psychology
Mary Fahrenbruck Curriculum & Instruction
Tammy Gibson Curriculum & Instruction
Cecilia Hernandez Curriculum & Instruction
Teresa Valenzuela Curriculum & Instruction
Leticia Burbano De Lara Educational Management & Development
Gary Ivory Educational Management & Development
Denise Strawn Educational Management & Development
Robert Wood Human Performance, Dance & Recreation
Loana Mason Special Education & Communication Disorders
Engineering Thomas Manz Chemical Engineering
David Rockstraw Chemical Engineering
Laura Boucheron Electrical & Computer Engineering
Wei Tang Electrical & Computer Engineering
Krishna Murty Kota Venkata Mechanical Engineering
Health & Social Services Gege Dimond Health Science
Sue Forster-Cox Health Science
Charles Kozel Health Science
Cynthia Kratzke Health Science
Pam Schultz Nursing
Tenna Schumacher Nursing
June Vermillion Nursing
Robert Blair Social Work
Maria Ortiz Social Work
Library Mardi Mahaffy Library Reference & Research Services
Cynthia Pierard Library Reference & Research Services
Cynthia Watkins Library Reference & Research Services
Theresa Westbrock Library Reference & Research Services
Ellen Bosman Library Technical Services
Staff Shelly Stovall Accreditation, Outcomes & Academic Planning
Kelley Hestir College of Arts & Sciences
Sonya Cooper College of Engineering
Laura Valentino Graduate School
Wenona Nutima Instructional Innovation & Quality
Elvira Hammond International & Border Programs
Gregory Fant Office of the Executive Vice President & Provost
Wendy Wilkins Office of the Executive Vice President & Provost
Michelle Gavin Research Integrity & Ethics


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Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences Terry Crawford Agricultural Economics & Agricultural Business
Rebecca Creamer Entomology Plant Pathology & Weed Science
Brian Schutte Entomology Plant Pathology & Weed Science
Melinda Chavez Family & Consumer Sciences
Uma Krishnan Family & Consumer Sciences
Stuart Munson-Mcgee Family & Consumer Sciences
Christopher Cramer Plant & Environmental Sciences
Ryan Goss Plant & Environmental Sciences
John Mexal Plant & Environmental Sciences
Mary O’Connell Plant & Environmental Sciences
Laura Rodriguez-Uribe Plant & Environmental Sciences
Rashmi Tiwari Plant & Environmental Sciences
Mark Uchanski Plant & Environmental Sciences
Arts & Sciences Weldon Lamb Anthropology
Elisabeth Montague Anthropology
Donald Pepion Anthropology
Julia Barello Art
Michele Nishiguchi Biology
Finn Pillsbury Biology
Elba Serrano Biology
Christin Slaughter Biology
Lina Urquidi Biology
Christine Woods Biology
Bishnu Dhakal Chemistry & Biochemistry
Ivan Dylko Communication Studies
Eric Morgan Communication Studies
Inna Pivkina Computer Science
Mingzhou Song Computer Science
Benjamin Wright Computer Science
James Maupin Creative Media
Joan Crowley Criminal Justice
Christopher Burnham English
Deborah Laporte English
Tyson Stolte English
Patricia Wojahn English
Michaela Buenemann Geography
Aditi Sarkar Geography
Nathan Brooks History
Mary Lamonica Journalism & Mass Communications
Kefaya Diab Languages & Linguistics
Spencer Herrera Languages & Linguistics
Mayra Valtierrez Languages & Linguistics
Daniel Villa Languages & Linguistics
Patricia Baggett Mathematical Sciences
Deepak Basyal Mathematical Sciences
Louiza Fouli Mathematical Sciences
Laura White-Hosford Mathematical Sciences
Martha Rowe Music
Loretta Keleher Philosophy
Danny Scoccia Philosophy
Laura Madson Psychology
Baoyu Wang Psychology
Martha Loustaunau Sociology
Kassia Wosick Sociology
Claudia Billings Theatre Arts
Business Jennifer Kreie Accounting & Information Systems
Paulette Rodriguez Accounting & Information Systems
Dale Spencer Accounting & Information Systems
Richard Adkisson Economics & International Business
Cara Downes Economics & International Business
Charlotte Gard Economics & International Business
Yu-Feng Lee Economics & International Business
Violeta Diaz Avilez Finance
Richard Fortin Finance
Matthew Holt Finance
Kenneth Martin Finance
Melissa Cast Management
Gabriella Lewis Management
Elise Sautter Marketing
Doña Ana Community College Cecilia Hernandez Accounting Services
Stephen DeGiulio Adult Basic Education
Douglas Layer Arts & Humanities
Tamara Gantzler-Woods Education Program
Debasmita Roychowdhury English & Communication
Jonathan Davis Health Occupation Program
Sheila Fetherlin Nursing Assistant Program
Tammara Chaffee Radiologic Technology Program
Mozella Garcia Student Success Center
Education Elsa Arroyos Counseling & Educational Psychology
Dawn Bates Counseling & Educational Psychology
Blanca Araujo Curriculum & Instruction
Elizabeth Cahill Curriculum & Instruction
Rudolfo Chavez Curriculum & Instruction
Everett Egginton Curriculum & Instruction
Judith Flores Carmona Curriculum & Instruction
O. Hadfield Curriculum & Instruction
Romina Pacheco Curriculum & Instruction
Lida Uribe-Florez Curriculum & Instruction
Vivienne Williams Curriculum & Instruction
Christopher Adams Education Research & Budgeting
Joseph Berning Human Performance, Dance & Recreation
Hannah Cole Human Performance, Dance & Recreation
Kimberly Oliver Human Performance, Dance & Recreation
Karen Trujillo Institute For Excellence In Math & Science Education
Ai-Ting Chen Special Education & Communication Disorders
Engineering Shuguang Deng Chemical Engineering
Hongmei Luo Chemical Engineering
Peter Martin Civil & Geological Engineering
Dennis Mc Carville Civil & Geological Engineering
Charalambos Papelis Civil & Geological Engineering
Sukumar Brahma Electrical & Computer Engineering
Muhammed Dawood Electrical & Computer Engineering
Robert Hull Electrical & Computer Engineering
Satishkuma Ranade Electrical & Computer Engineering
Steven Stochaj Electrical & Computer Engineering
Jeffrey Beasley Engineering Technology
Carmen Boje Engineering Technology
Ahmed Elaksher Engineering Technology
Ruinian Jiang Engineering Technology
Luke Nogales Engineering Technology
Rolfe Sassenfeld Engineering Technology
John Mullen Industrial Engineering
Edward Pines Industrial Engineering
Christina Schaub Industrial Engineering
Delia Valles-Rosales Industrial Engineering
Pu Xie Mechanical Engineering
Wenwu Xiu Mechanical Engineering
Lin Zhang Mechanical Engineering
Health & Social Services Elizabeth England Kennedy Health Science
Leticia Gallegos Health Science
Mark Kittleson Health Science
Rebecca Palacios Health Science
James Robinson Health Science
Teresa Leon Nursing
Amanda Miller Social Work
Monica Montoya Social Work
Library Laurence Creider Library Archives & Special Collections
Sarah Baker Library Reference & Research Services
Alisa Gonzalez Library Reference & Research Services
Nirmala Gunapala Library Reference & Research Services
Staff Roberta Derlin Accreditation, Outcomes & Academic Planning
Evette Runyon Chicano Programs
Laura Spencer Chicano Programs
James Libbin College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences
Lisa Bond-Maupin College of Arts & Sciences
Beth Pollack College of Arts & Sciences
Christa Slaton College of Arts & Sciences
Melanie Tellez College of Arts & Sciences
Justine Adkisson College of Business
Debra Cardinali College of Business
Kathy Crawford College of Business
Huyen Nguyen College of Business
Michael Morehead College of Education
James O’Donnell College of Education
Ricardo Jacquez College of Engineering
Karen Schaefer Counseling & Student Development Center
Darío Silva Employee Health Services
Ricardo Rel Government Affairs Office
Milen Bartnick Graduate School
Linda Lacey Graduate School
Gholamali Rahnavard Graduate School
Loui Reyes Graduate School
Electra Rich Graduate School
Karen Trujillo Graduate School
Charlotte Williams Graduate School
Sabrina Zamora Graduate School
William Eamon Honors College/Crimson Scholars Program
Judith Bosland Institutional Analysis
Sandra Johnson Instructional Innovation & Quality
Sergio Palacios Wulschne Intern
Amanda Ashley Molecular Biology
Jay Jordan Office of the Executive Vice President & Provost
Kimberly Rumford Office of the Executive Vice President & Provost
Stephen Lopez Police Department
Barbara Couture President’s Office
Luis Vazquez Research Integrity & Ethics
Angela Throneberry Senior Vice President for Administration & Finance
Brenda Purcell Strategic Relations
Bernadette Montoya Student Affairs & Enroll Management
Jay Rodman University Communications