Teaching Academy Members 2014

Earning membership in the Teaching Academy

Honorary Member

Honorary membership is awarded to a person who has made extraordinary contributions to the Teaching Academy or to faculty development at NMSU.

Roberta L. (Bobbie) Derlin, Ph.D., Associate Provost

Roberta L. (Bobbie) Derlin, Ph.D. serves NMSU as associate provost for system-wide accreditations, outcomes assessment, and academic planning. Associate Provost Derlin is responsible for accreditation, strategic planning, academic program review, and other outcomes assessment and continuous quality improvement initiatives. Bobbie has tirelessly served the Higher Learning Commission, NMSU’s accreditor, as a peer reviewer, financial panel reviewer, and visiting team chair. She also spearheaded NMSU’s most recent institutional accreditation effort and her report was featured as a model at the HLC conference.
Bobbie’s lifetime of dedication to effective university accreditation was recognized with her appointment to the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity by the Secretary of Education, the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. The committee advises the secretary of education on accreditation issues. It is charged with recommending to the secretary of education which accrediting agencies should be recognized as reliable authorities for judging the quality of postsecondary institutions and programs. Postsecondary schools must be approved by a recognized accrediting agency to be eligible to participate in federal programs. Students attending these schools receive some $150 billion in grants, loans and work-study opportunities.
Bobbie has been active professionally in other areas. She served as co-chair of the 1986 National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) Annual Meeting in New York. Bobbie is also past president of the New Mexico Higher Education Assessment and Retention Association. She presently serves as chair of the executive committee of the Western Academic Leadership Forum, an organization of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE). Bobbie has consistently shared her talents outside of academe by serving as president of the Tompkins Red Cross as well as secretary and then vice president of Tompkins County Planned Parenthood in Ithaca, New York. In Las Cruces, Dr. Derlin has served multiple terms as president of La Casa, our local domestic violence shelter. She has also been recognized by Rotary International as a Paul Harris Fellow.

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Most Distinguished Members

The most distinguished members are the graduate student and the faculty member with the most Teaching Academy training hours who have not received the award before.

Karen Trujillo, Graduate Student, English

Karen Trujillo earned the Most Distinguished Postdoctoral Award by virtue of participating in the most hours of professional development at the Teaching Academy of any graduate student in the past year. Karen will complete the Master of Arts program in English as an Honors Graduate this May. She teaches Rhetoric and Composition and Introduction to Education. Her commitment to teaching these courses has led her to the Teaching Academy to better serve her diverse students face-to-face and online. As a result of the growth she has realized at the Teaching Academy, Karen is certain that she has enhanced her students’ learning.

Mike McGonigle, College Associate Professor, Finance

Mike McGonigle earned the Most Distinguished Faculty Award by virtue of participating in the most hours of professional development at the Teaching Academy of any faculty in the past year. Mike has been a part of the Las Cruces community since the fifth grade. He went to high school at Mayfield and secured his bachelor’s degree from NMSU. He originally started as a film student. Shortly into his studies, Mike realized film wasn’t as exciting and fun as he had hoped, so he switched to the thrilling world of finance. Mike minored in insurance and risk management. While working for the family business, his father proved to him that insurance and risk management are not as boring as they are made out to be. Now Mike lives and breathes the industry and loves every minute of it. He reports that he is very proud and honored to be part of the NMSU family.

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Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences Gaylene Fasenko Animal & Range Sciences
Laura White Animal & Range Sciences
Margaret Bock Family & Consumer Sciences
Esther Devall Family & Consumer Sciences
Merranda Marin Family & Consumer Sciences
Raymon Boles Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Nicole Harings Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Siriporn McDowall Hotel Restaurant & Tourism Management
Arts & Sciences Mary Alice Scott Anthropology
Julie Fitzsimmons Art
Motoko Furuhashi Art
Virginia Knight Biology
Michèle Shuster Biology
Bishnu Dhakal Chemistry & Biochemistry
Aaron Rowland Chemistry & Biochemistry
Maria Dolores Molina Davila Communication Studies
Zachary Toups Computer Science
Karen Villaverde Computer Science
Derek Fisher Creative Media
Andrea Joseph Criminal Justice
Melinda Bezdek English
Kefaya Diab English
Niki Mott English
Electra Rich English
Karen Trujillo English
Nathan Brooks History
Ana Cardenas Journalism & Mass Communications
Deepak Basyal Mathematical Sciences
India Dytzel Mathematical Sciences
Christopher Hughes Music
Michael De Antonio Physics
Timothy Ketelaar Psychology
Jesse Marczyk Psychology
Collin Scarince Psychology
Patricia Hoffman Sociology
Kathryn Hovey Sociology
Business Yu-Feng Lee Economics & International Business
Lizbeth Ellis Finance
Matthew Holt Finance
Kenneth Martin Finance
Michael McGonigle Finance
Elise Sautter Marketing
Doña Ana Community College Tarlochan Dhillon Electronic Technology Program
Hiranya Roychowdhury Health Occupation Program
Rajaa Shindi Institutional Effectiveness & Information Management
Matthew Huchmala Legal Assistant Program
Tammara Chaffee Radiologic Technology Program
Education Mary Fahrenbruck Curriculum & Instruction
Wenjie Wang Curriculum & Instruction
Dana Christman Educational Leadership & Administration
Henrietta Pichon Educational Leadership & Administration
Hannah Cole Human Performance Dance & Recreation
Deborah Rhein Special Education & Communication Disorders
Marlene Salas-Provance Special Education & Communication Disorders
Engineering Catherine Brewer Chemical Engineering
Peter Martin Civil & Geological Engineering
Martha Mitchell Engineering Research Center
Alla Kammerdiner Industrial Engineering
Christina Schaub Industrial Engineering
Graduate School Dawn Bates Graduate School
Desa Daniel Graduate School
Stephanie Maynard-Patrick Graduate School
Baoyu Wang Graduate School
Yuliana Zaikman Graduate School
Health & Social Services Kristynia Robinson Nursing
John Scarbrough Nursing
June Vermillion Nursing
Tami Ford Public Health Sciences
Timothy Barnett-Queen Social Work
Maria Ortiz Social Work
Library Josefine Smith Library Reference & Research Services
Cynthia Watkins Library Reference & Research Services
Staff Shelly Stovall Accreditation, Outcomes & Academic Planning
Gregory Fant Associate VP & Deputy Provost
Michelle Lebsock Instructional Innovation & Quality

Sustaining Members

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Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences Steven Archambault Agricultural Economics & Agricultural Business
Kelsey Quinn Animal & Range Sciences
Gerald Sims Entomology Plant Path & Weed Science
Jerry Hawkes Extension Animal Resources
Melinda Chavez Family & Consumer Sciences
Marcel Montanez Family & Consumer Sciences
Gary Roemer Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Betsy Stringam Hotel Restaurant & Tourism Management
Kulbhushan Grover Plant & Environmental Sciences
Mary O’Connell Plant & Environmental Sciences
Richard Pratt Plant & Environmental Sciences
April Ulery Plant & Environmental Sciences
Arts & Sciences Miriam Chaiken Anthropology
Donald Pepion Anthropology
M. Stanford Anthropology
Jessika Edgar Art
Margaret Goehring Art
Stephanie Taylor Art Gallery
Andrea Ellis Biology
Immo Hansen Biology
Menuka Karki Biology
Patricia Lodato Biology
Giancarlo Lopez Biology
Michele Nishiguchi Biology
Neda Nourabadi Biology
David Smith Chemistry & Biochemistry
Anne Hubbell Communication Studies
Amy Lanasa Creative Media
Carlos Posadas Criminal Justice
Jorge Gomez English
Deborah Laporte English
Cynthia Murrell English
Daniel Chand Government
Isabella Quintana History
Hwiman Chung Journalism & Mass Communications
Spencer Herrera Languages & Linguistics
Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza Languages & Linguistics
Gabriela Moreno Languages & Linguistics
Pradip Aryal Mathematical Sciences
Amal Mostafa Mathematical Sciences
Myong O’Donnell Mathematical Sciences
Lokendra Paudel Mathematical Sciences
Loretta Keleher Philosophy
Manal Abdallah Physics
John Kulpa Psychology
Dominic Simon Psychology
David Trafimow Psychology
Mary Benanti Sociology
Kassia Wosick Sociology
Timothy Smith Theatre Arts
Business Richard Oliver Accounting & Information Systems
Paulette Rodriguez Accounting & Information Systems
Naomi Schmidt Economics & International Business
Miguel Vicens Feliberty Economics & International Business
Maria De Boyrie Finance
Violeta Diaz Avilez Finance
Steven Elias Management
Carol Flinchbaugh Management
Ryan Cruz Marketing
James Leonhardt Marketing
Doña Ana Community College Deborah McCormick Adult Basic Education
Glenn Schwaiger Arts & Humanities
Mary Sletten Business Office Technology
Maluka Munoz Computer Technology Program
Holly Harper Dental Hygiene Program
Lamaia Vaughn Digital Graphics Program
Jesse Munoz English & Communication
Sarah Balizan Health Occupation Program
Jonathan Davis Health Occupation Program
Faith Hutson Sonography Program
Timothy Barnett-Queen Student Success Center
Education Elsa Arroyos Counseling & Educational Psychology
Cecilia Hernandez Curriculum & Instruction
Andres Rodriguez Curriculum & Instruction
Lida Uribe-Florez Curriculum & Instruction
Teresa Valenzuela Curriculum & Instruction
Mariam Abdelmalak Education College
Jonathan Schwartz Education College
Christopher Adams Education Research & Budgeting
Kelley Coffeen Educational Leadership & Administration
Gary Ivory Educational Leadership & Administration
Mary Prentice Educational Leadership & Administration
Cristobal Rodriguez Educational Leadership & Administration
Zhen Chai Special Education & Communication Disorders
Loana Mason Special Education & Communication Disorders
Engineering Jessica Houston Chemical Engineering
Charalambos Papelis Civil & Geological Engineering
Pei Xu Civil & Geological Engineering
Charles Boehmer Electrical & Computer Engineering
Laura Boucheron Electrical & Computer Engineering
Robert Paz Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sonya Cooper Engineering College
Carmen Boje Engineering Technology
Amit Sanyal Mechanical Engineering
Graduate School David Culbert Graduate School
Nigel Henry Graduate School
Tiep Le Graduate School
Jorge Marquez Balderrama Graduate School
Annette Tardif Graduate School
Health & Social Services Najah Al-shanableh Nursing
Ruth Burkhart Nursing
Karen Hand Nursing
Teresa Keller Nursing
Sue Forster-Cox Public Health Sciences
Joseph Gladstone Public Health Sciences
Cynthia Kratzke Public Health Sciences
Jill McDonald Public Health Sciences
Maria Gurrola Social Work
Library Susan Beck Library Access Services
Caitlin Wells Library Archives & Special Collections
Paula Johnson Library Reference & Research Services
Ellen Bosman Library Technical Services
Elizabeth Miller Library Technical Services
NMSU Carlsbad Vincent Beach Academic Support Section
Yaxi Zhao Regular Academic Instruction
Staff Roseanne Bensley Career Services
Sarah Graves Career Services
John Bilderbeck Center for Learning & Professional Development
Susan Bussmann Instructional Innovation & Quality
Kerry Forsythe Instructional Innovation & Quality
Susana Venegas Instructional Innovation & Quality
Dan Howard Office of the Provost
Stephen Lopez Police Department
Michelle Gavin Research Integrity & Ethics
Christina Chavez Kelley Student Diversity & Outreach


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Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences Thomas Dominguez Admin & Pgm Unit Otero Cty
Jack Thomas Admin & Pgm Unit Otero Cty
Brian Hurd Agricultural Economics & Agricultural Business
Rhonda Skaggs Agricultural Economics & Agricultural Business
Jane Pierce Agricultural Science Ctr at Artesia
Thomas Dormody Agricultural & Extension Education
James Libbin Ag, Consumer & Environmental Sciences College
Amanda Ashley Animal & Range Sciences
Derek Bailey Animal & Range Sciences
Andres Cibils Animal & Range Sciences
Amy Ganguli Animal & Range Sciences
Sergio Soto-Navarro Animal & Range Sciences
Alvaro Romero Entomology Plant Path & Weed Science
Brian Schutte Entomology Plant Path & Weed Science
Jamshid Ashigh Extension Plant Sciences
Tessa Grasswitz Extension Plant Sciences
Wanda Eastman Family & Consumer Sciences
Wiebke Boeing Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
David Cowley Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Martha Desmond Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Kathryn Stoner Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Keith Mandabach Hotel Restaurant & Tourism Management
Mary Southworth Hotel Restaurant & Tourism Management
Kenneth Carroll Plant & Environmental Sciences
Lori Schwab-Uchanski Plant & Environmental Sciences
Arts & Sciences Fumiyasu Arakawa Anthropology
Mary Lewis Anthropology
Christa Slaton Arts & Sciences College
Nancy Chanover Astronomy
Robert T. J. McAteer Astronomy
Christy Andrade Biology
Maria Castillo Biology
Kathryn Hanley Biology
Avis James Biology
Catherine Koch Biology
Brook Milligan Biology
Lina Urquidi Biology
Shelley Lusetti Chemistry & Biochemistry
Barbara Lyons Chemistry & Biochemistry
Erik Yukl Chemistry & Biochemistry
Ivan Dylko Communication Studies
Huiping Cao Computer Science
Jonathan Cook Computer Science
Cynthia Bejarano Criminal Justice
William Corbett Criminal Justice
Elizabeth Brasher English
Laurie Churchill English
Nancy Hastings English
Michael La Torra English
Tracey Miller-Tomlinson English
Kellie Sharp-Hoskins English
Carmen Smith English
Christopher Brown Geography
Michaela Buenemann Geography
Reed Burgette Geological Sciences
Nancy McMillan Geological Sciences
Thaddieus Conner Government
Neil Harvey Government
Jon Hunner History
Glenn Fetzer Languages & Linguistics
Mary Ballyk Mathematical Sciences
Louiza Fouli Mathematical Sciences
Alyne Fulte Mathematical Sciences
Joseph Lakey Mathematical Sciences
Lonnie Klein Music
Mark Walker Philosophy
Michaela Burkardt Physics
Stefan Zollner Physics
Michael Collier Psychology
Igor Dolgov Psychology
James Kroger Psychology
Justin MacDonald Psychology
Laura Madson Psychology
Michael Pyle Psychology
Martha Loustaunau Sociology
Julie Rice Sociology
Claudia Billings Theatre Arts
Megan McQueen Theatre Arts
William Storm Theatre Arts
Business Kevin Melendrez Accounting & Information Systems
Justine Adkisson Business College
Carma Nez Business College
Charlotte Gard Economics & International Business
Alan Berryman Finance
Gavin Clarkson Finance
Richard Fortin Finance
Dennis Clason International Business & Economics
Sergio Palacios Wulschner Management
Sean Rogers Management
Grace Ann Rosile Management
Michelle Jasso Marketing
Doña Ana Community College Mónica Torres Academic Support
Stephen DeGiulio Adult Basic Education
Kim Seifert Business & Marketing
Sandra Abernathy Business Office Technology
Tamara Gantzler-Woods Education
Joyce Bradley Emergency Medical Paramedic Program
Kurt Depner English & Communication
Krista MacDonald English & Communication
Jillian Bornak Mathematics & Physical Science
Auguie Henry Technical Studies
Education HsiuLan Cheng Counseling & Educational Psychologychology
Heejung Chun Counseling & Educational Psychology
Gladys De Necochea Counseling & Educational Psychology
Tracie Hitter Counseling & Educational Psychology
Anna Lopez Counseling & Educational Psychology
Rudolfo Chavez Curriculum & Instruction
Romina Pacheco Curriculum & Instruction
Karin Wiburg Curriculum & Instruction
Ronald Dziwenka Education College
Charlotte Williams Education College
Joseph Berning Human Performance Dance & Recreation
Victoria White Special Education & Communication Disorders
Engineering Paul Andersen Chemical Engineering
Shuguang Deng Chemical Engineering
Hongmei Luo Chemical Engineering
Thomas Manz Chemical Engineering
David Rockstraw Chemical Engineering
Jeffrey Beasley Engineering Technology
Kenny Stevens Engineering Technology
Delia Valles-Rosales Industrial Engineering
Jeanine Cook Electrical & Computer Engineering
Paul Furth Electrical & Computer Engineering
Steven Stochaj Electrical & Computer Engineering
Borys Drach Mechanical Engineering
Crystal Lay Mechanical Engineering
Ou Ma Mechanical Engineering
Mingjun Wei Mechanical Engineering
Health & Social Services Donna Wagner Health & Social Services College
Lynn Jenkins Nursing
Miriam Maske Nursing
Anita Reinhardt Nursing
Pam Schultz Nursing
Elizabeth England Kennedy Public Health Sciences
Charles Kozel Public Health Sciences
Rebecca Palacios Public Health Sciences
Tina Hancock Social Work
Monica Montoya Social Work
Library Laurence Creider Library Archives & Special Collections
Sarah Baker Library Reference & Research Services
Nirmala Gunapala Library Reference & Research Services
Theresa Westbrock Library Reference & Research Services
NMSU Carlsbad John Vacca Criminal Jusice & Social Sciences
NMSU Grants Elizabeth Humphreys Regular Academic Instruction
Staff Kevin Boberg Economic Development VP Office
Rosa-Imelda Olague Caballero Economic Development VP Office
Ralph Lucero Employee & Management Services
Dario Silva Employee Health Services
Lisa Warren General Counsel Office
Michelle Bernstein Housing & Residential Life
Brenda Purcell ICT Student Technology & Planning
Jed Duggan Instructional Innovation & Quality
Miley Grandjean Instructional Innovation & Quality
Sandra Johnson Instructional Innovation & Quality
Angela Throneberry Senior VP for Administration & Finance
Sharon Lalla Teaching Academy
Gertrude Luken Student Accessibility Services