Teaching Academy Members 2015

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Most Distinguished Members

The most distinguished members are the graduate student and the faculty member with the most Teaching Academy training hours who have not received the award before.

Kefaya Diab, Graduate Student, English

Kefaya Diab is a PhD student of rhetoric and professional communication in the English Department. Her research focus is on new media literacy, digital media production, critical theory, and social identity. She teaches courses in composition and rhetoric in the English Department, and also serves as a writing program coordinator. Her past experience in IT and digital media inspires her pedagogy of filmmaking as a tool for advocacy and social change. Students in her classes produce short films of personal narratives, documentaries, and public service announcements to advocate for social issues. She hopes to promote this project across the curriculum at NMSU and nationwide.

Conni DeBlieck, Assistant Professor, Nursing

Conni DeBlieck, an assistant professor in the School of Nursing, joined NMSU in 2012. Her research interests include stress reduction management using bioinformatics and guided implementation of nursing student success habits, a concept-based learning curriculum, and the health benefits of journaling within nursing simulations. Dr. DeBlieck has worked as a surgical nurse, clinical nurse educator, and is currently the RN-BSN coordinator at NMSU. She led a team of faculty members to implement nursing simulation and and academic electronic medical record system across the BSN curriculum. She is the co-developer of a mobile app, Student Success Keeper, that assists students in monitoring their study and health habits. She is a co-PI in a study related to anxiety and stress using an MetroNaps EnergyPod™

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Distinguished Members

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Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences Wiebke Boeing Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Esther Devall Family & Consumer Sciences
Thomas Dormody Agricultural & Extension Education
Gaylene Fasenko Animal & Range Sciences
Ryan Goss Plant & Environmental Sciences
Arts & Sciences Mais Al-Khateeb English
Felicita Arzu Carmichael English
Marieka Brown English
Michael De Antonio Physics
Bishnu Dhakal Chemistry & Biochemistry
Kefaya Diab English
Christopher Hughes Music
Machienvee Lammey Sociology
Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza Languages & Linguistics
Laura Madson Psychology
Niki Mott English
Zahra Nasrollahi Physics
Katerina Reka Art
Electra Rich English
Jamey Rislin Biology
Collin Scarince Psychology
Tamara Stimatze Psychology
David Trafimow Psychology
Karen Trujillo English
Joshua Uhalt Psychology
Karen Villaverde Mathematical Sciences
Sandra Way Sociology
Tara Young Psychology
Yuliana Zaikman Psychology
Jacqueline Zeiber Psychology
Business Mark Clark Management
Steven Elias Management
Bobbie Green Accounting & Information Systems
Doña Ana Community College Deborah McCormick Adult Basic Education
Corey Purcell English & Communication
Education Amneh Al-Rawashdeh Educational Leadership & Administration
Lynette Bagwell Curriculum & Instruction
Tracie Hitter Counseling & Educational Psychology
Marlene Salas-Provance Special Education & Communication Disorders
Engineering Catherine Brewer Chemical Engineering
Gabriela Cisneros Civil & Geological Engineering
Alla Kammerdiner Industrial Engineering
Martha Mitchell Engineering Research Center
Robert Paz Klipsch School of Electrical & Computer Engineering
John Tapia Engineering Technology
Health & Social Services Conni DeBlieck Nursing
Cheryl Lombardi Nursing
Stephanie Lynch Nursing
Shelly Noe Nursing
Linda Summers Nursing
Library Sarah Allison Library Archives & Special Collections
Susan Beck Library Access Services
Adam Heien Library Archives & Special Collections
Samantha Rich Data Management
Staff Susan Bussmann Instructional Innovation & Quality
Kerry Forsythe Instructional Innovation & Quality
Miley Grandjean Instructional Innovation & Quality
Daniel Howard Executive Vice President & Provost
Sandra Johnson Instructional Innovation & Quality
Yogesh Raut Accreditation, Outcomes & Academic Planning
Shelly Stovall Accreditation, Outcomes & Academic Planning

Sustaining Members

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Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences Gerald Hawkes Extension Animal Resources
Marcel Montanez Family & Consumer Sciences
Richard Pratt Plant & Environmental Sciences
Kelsey Quinn Animal & Range Sciences
Virginia Seamster Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Kathryn Stoner Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Adam Summers Animal & Range Sciences
April Ulery Plant & Environmental Sciences
Arts & Sciences Najah Al-shanableh Computer Science
Francisco Alatorre Criminal Justice
Greg Armfield Communication Studies
Rachelle Bassen Biology
Deepak Basyal Mathematical Sciences
Melinda Bezdek English
Christopher Brown Geography
Tauna Cole-Dorn Art
Michael Collier Psychology
Michael DeMers Geography
Sylvia Fernandez Languages & Linguistics
James Finley English
Julie Fitzsimmons Art
Cathilia Flores Chemistry & Biochemistry
Andrea Gallegos Physics
Melisa Galvan History
Margaret Goehring Art
Alexander Hallwyler Art
Neil Harvey Government
James Herndon Chemistry & Biochemistry
Spencer Herrera Languages & Linguistics
Gizelle Hurtado Biology
Emily Indriolo Biology
Loretta Keleher Philosophy
Virginia Knight Biology
Mary Lewis Anthropology
Feifei Li Chemistry & Biochemistry
Giancarlo Lopez Biology
Nancy McMillan Geological Sciences
Carrie Melia Psychology
Tracey Miller-Tomlinson English
Cassie Newby Sociology
Michele Nishiguchi Biology
Myong O’Donnell Mathematical Sciences
Cecilia Palacio Languages & Linguistics
Thomas Reichardt Chemistry & Biochemistry
Jesus Sambrano Biology
Rishi Sapkota Chemistry & Biochemistry
Elba Serrano Biology
Dominic Simon Psychology
David Smith Chemistry & Biochemistry
Megan Stamey McAlvain Biology
Stephanie Taylor Art
Business David Boje Management
Ryan Cruz Marketing
Violeta Diaz Avilez Finance
Richard Fortin Finance
Yu-Feng Lee Economics & International Business
Nancy Oretskin Finance
Doña Ana Community College Omar Aaziz Computer Technology Program
Joyce Bradley Emergency Medical Services Paramedic Program
Tarlochan Dhillon Electronic Technology Program
Tahani Mansour Adult Basic Education
Megan Mc Kinney English & Communication
Erika Orozco General Studies
Hiranya Roychowdhury Health Occupation Program
Mary Sletten Business Office Technology Program
Susan Wood English & Communication
Education Christopher Adams Education Research & Budgeting
Armando Altamirano Curriculum & Instruction
Sara Bellomo Counseling & Educational Psychology
Ever Corral Counseling & Educational Psychology
Raul De La Cruz Counseling & Educational Psychology
Stacey Duncan Curriculum & Instruction
Heike Lehnert-LeHouillier Special Education & Communication Disorders
Srikanta Mishra Special Education & Communication Disorders
Henrietta Pichon Educational Leadership & Administration
Karen Potter Special Education & Communication Disorders
Linda Spencer Special Education & Communication Disorders
Lida Uribe-Florez Curriculum & Instruction
Robert Wood Kinesiology & Dance
Engineering Paola Bandini Civil & Geological Engineering
Laura Boucheron Klipsch School of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Muhammed Dawood Klipsch School of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Barbara Gamillo Engineering Technology
Jessica Houston Chemical Engineering
Leila Karimi Chemical Engineering
Sarada Kuravi Mechanical Engineering
Justin Lewis Civil & Geological Engineering
Fattaneh Naderi Behdani Institute For Energy & Environment
Maryam Omidvarkordshouli Institute For Energy & Environment
Christina Schaub Industrial Engineering
Pei Xu Civil & Geological Engineering
Health & Social Services Allison Gilbert Public Health Sciences
Charles Kozel Public Health Sciences
Jill McDonald Public Health Sciences
Jennifer McElfresh Public Health Sciences
Frances Nedjat-Haiem Social Work
Maria Ortiz Social Work
Kristynia Robinson Nursing
John Scarbrough Nursing
Jane Smith Nursing
June Vermillion Nursing
Library Ellen Bosman Technical Services
Alisa Gonzalez Reference & Research Services
Paula Johnson Reference & Research Services
Mardi Mahaffy Reference & Research Services
Elizabeth Miller Technical Services
Cynthia Watkins Reference & Research Services
NMSU–Carlsbad Jon Strahan Regular Academic Instruction
Staff Kathleen Brook Business College
Miriam Chaiken Honors College/Crimson Scholars Program
Sonya Cooper Engineering College
Ronald Dziwenka Education College
Lizbeth Ellis General Counsel
Gregory Fant Deputy Provost
Annette Flores Arts & Sciences College
Juana Hannan Education College
Sharon Lalla Instructional Innovation & Quality
Michelle Lebsock Instructional Innovation & Quality
James Libbin Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences
Guo Liu Counseling & Student Development Center
Bernadette Montoya Student Affairs & Enroll Management
Melody Munson-Mcgee Office of the Executive Vice President & Provost
Dee O’Larey Center for Learning & Professional Development
Lindsay Ruckel Accreditation, Outcomes & Academic Planning
Susana Venegas Instructional Innovation & Quality
Terra Winter University Advancement VP Office


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Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences Ram Acharya Agricultural Economics & Agricultural Business
Jamshid Ashigh Entomology Plant Pathology & Weed Science
Amanda Ashley Animal & Range Sciences
Derek Bailey Animal & Range Sciences
Margaret Bock Family & Consumer Sciences
Andres Cibils Animal & Range Sciences
David Cowley Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Martha Desmond Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Wanda Eastman Family & Consumer Sciences
Amy Ganguli Animal & Range Sciences
Champa Gopalan Plant & Environmental Sciences
Tessa Grasswitz Extension Plant Sciences
Nicole Harings Fishery & Wildlife Sciences
Frank Hodnett Agricultural & Extension Education
Jay Lillywhite Agricultural Economics & Agricultural Business
Linda Lopez Extension Home Economics
Keith Mandabach Hotel Restaurant & Tourism Management
Merranda Marin Family & Consumer Sciences
Mary O’Connell Plant & Environmental Sciences
Lourdes Olivas Extension Home Economics
Jane Pierce Agricultural Science Center at Artesia
Marisa Potter Plant & Environmental Sciences
Alvaro Romero Entomology Plant Pathology & Weed Science
Brian Schutte Entomology Plant Pathology & Weed Science
Sergio Soto-Navarro Animal & Range Sciences
Caitriana Steele Jornada Experimental Range
Elizabeth Stringam Hotel Restaurant & Tourism Management
David Thompson Agricultural Experiment Station
Arts & Sciences Fumiyasu Arakawa Anthropology
Jeffrey Arterburn Chemistry & Biochemistry
Mary Ballyk Mathematical Sciences
Kristen Bernhardt Sociology
Mary-Lynn Brown Music
Michaela Buenemann Geography
Michaela Burkardt Physics
Christopher Burnham English
Huiping Cao Computer Science
Ana Cardenas Journalism & Mass Communications
Maria Castillo Biology
Nancy Chanover Astronomy
Joshua Chenard Theatre Arts
EunJung Choi Criminal Justice
Jonathan Cook Computer Science
William Corbett Criminal Justice
Samuel Djiani Computer Science
Derek Fisher Creative Media
Robert Gueth Biology
Kathryn Hanley Biology
Nancy Hastings English
Emily Haymans English
Patricia Hoffman Sociology
Rebecca Hoffman English
Anne Hubbell Communication Studies
Savannah Johnston English
Melody Jonet Interdisciplinary Studies
Andrea Joseph Criminal Justice
Menuka Karki Biology
Timothy Ketelaar Psychology
Lonnie Klein Music
James Kroger Psychology
Kelly Laje Biology
Kwanshun Lau Creative Media
Guanhao Li Mathematical Sciences
Patricia Lodato Biology
Shelley Lusetti Chemistry & Biochemistry
Barbara Lyons Chemistry & Biochemistry
Brook Milligan Biology
Erika Monroy Biology
Amy Nava Biology
Tara Newar Chemistry & Biochemistry
Tesneem Nusayr Chemistry & Biochemistry
Cynthia Pelak Sociology
Inna Pivkina Computer Science
Carlos Posadas Criminal Justice
Arryn Robbins Psychology
Kristine Rubio Biology
Mansour Saberi Chemistry & Biochemistry
Mary Alice Scott Anthropology
Michele Shuster Biology
Timothy Smith Theatre Arts
Mingzhou Song Computer Science
Rose Stoffer Anthropology
William Storm Theatre Arts
Kenneth Van Winkle Associate Dean
Mark Walker Philosophy
Laura White-Hosford Mathematical Sciences
Laura Williams Interdisciplinary Studies
Patricia Wojahn English
Kassia Wosick Sociology
Stefan Zollner Physics
Business Gavin Clarkson Finance
Carol Flinchbaugh Management
Patrick Gavin Marketing
Karl Geisler Economics & International Business
Kenneth Martin Finance
Randy McFerrin Economics & International Business
Michael McGonigle Finance
Kevin Melendrez Accounting & Information Systems
Sherry Mills Accounting & Information Systems
Mihai Niculescu Marketing
Grace Ann Rosile Management
Norman Todd Finance
Dawn VanLeeuwen Economics & International Business
Nathaniel Whitten Business
Doña Ana Community College Kathryn Achen Business Office Technology Program
Tammara Chaffee Radiologic Technology Program
Bonnie Chapman English & Communication
Cheryel Coffelt Workforce Development Unit
Jonathan Davis Health Occupation Program
Tamara Gantzler-Woods Education Program
Kathleen Garza Nursing Associate Degree Program
Ronald Hamelink Arts & Humanities
Matthew Huchmala Legal Assistant Program
Mary Kiefer Gadsden Center
John Patrick Math & Physical Sciences
Debasmita Roychowdhury English & Communication
Kim Seifert Business & Marketing
Mónica Torres Vice President for Academic Affairs
Education Eve Adams Counseling & Educational Psychology
Elsa Arroyos Counseling & Educational Psychology
Perla Barbosa Curriculum & Instruction
Rocio Benedicto Institute For Excel In Math & Science Education
Heejung Chun Counseling & Educational Psychology
Hannah Cole Kinesiology & Dance
Herman Garcia Curriculum & Instruction
Heather Miller Counseling & Educational Psychology
Kim O’Connell-Brock Kinesiology & Dance
Mary Prentice Educational Leadership & Administration
Karen Trujillo Educational Research
Engineering Paul Andersen Chemical Engineering
Jeffrey Beasley Engineering Technology
Feng Cheng Chemical Engineering
Jeanine Cook Klipsch School of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Shuguang Deng Chemical Engineering
Carlos Escobar Industrial Engineering
Paul Furth Klipsch School of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Anthony Hyde Engineering Technology
David Jauregui Civil & Geological Engineering
Yanling Leng Civil & Geological Engineering
Hongmei Luo Chemical Engineering
Anna Malakian Chemical Engineering
Peter Martin Civil & Geological Engineering
Julio Martinez Chemical Engineering
Charalambos Papelis Civil & Geological Engineering
Sahar Qavi Chemical Engineering
Mohammad Qayum Klipsch School of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Steven Stochaj Klipsch School of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Delia Valles-Rosales Industrial Engineering
David Voelz Klipsch School of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Huiyao Wang Civil & Geological Engineering
Mingjun Wei Mechanical Engineering
Health & Social Services Sue Forster-Cox Public Health Sciences
Erika Gergerich Social Work
Joseph Gladstone Public Health Sciences
Maria Gurrola Social Work
Cynthia Kratzke Public Health Sciences
Teresa Leon Nursing
Melinda Loya Nursing
Rebecca Palacios Public Health Sciences
Karen Pech Nursing
Anita Reinhardt Nursing
Library Susan Bontly Reference & Research Services
Nathan Brown Digital Projects
Felipe Castillo Reference & Research Services
Laurence Creider Library Archives & Special Collections
Nirmala Gunapala Reference & Research Services
Norice Lee Associate Dean
Josefine Smith Reference & Research Services
Elizabeth Titus Dean
Theresa Westbrock Reference & Research Services
NMSU–Alamogordo Karen Reid Regular Academic Instruction
Anne Ricksecker Instructional Effectiveness
NMSU&ndashCarlsbad John Vacca Regular Academic Instruction
NMSU&ndashGrants Kathleen O’Connor Regular Academic Instruction
Staff John Bilderbeck Center for Learning & Professional Development
Jessica Blanchard Education
Kevin Boberg VP for Economic Development
Adam Cavotta Center for Learning & Professional Development
Terry Cook Student Engagement
Sengdhuan Defibaugh-Chavez Student Diversity & Outreach
Roberta Derlin Accreditation, Outcomes & Academic Planning
Jed Duggan Instructional Innovation & Quality
Jennifer Gabel Center for Learning & Professional Development
Sarah Graves Career Services
Michael Jasek Student Life
Natalie Kellner Accreditation, Outcomes & Academic Planning
Lisa Kirby Student Engagement
Irene La Torra ICT Project Management Office
Steve Leask Instructional Innovation & Quality
Stephen Lopez Police Department
Fred Martino KRWG Television
David Melendez Student Success Center
Gerard Nevarez Office of Institutional Equity
Joni Newcomer Environmental Policy & Sustainability
Loui Reyes Graduate School
Kimberly Rumford Academic Budget & Planning
Dario Silva Employee Health Services
Angela Throneberry Senior VP for Admin & Finance