Teaching Academy Members 2016

Earning membership in the Teaching Academy

Honorary Member

Honorary membership is awarded to a person who has made extraordinary contributions to the Teaching Academy or to faculty development at NMSU.

Jean Conway

Jean Conway has worked quarter-time at the Teaching Academy this year, bringing her NMSU service to a quarter century. Jean has served NMSU since 1990, beginning in the Center for Educational Development (CED), continuing through the transition to the Teaching Academy. She served as interim director of the CED for seven years and as associate director of the Teaching Academy for 12 years.

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Most Distinguished Members

The most distinguished members are the graduate student and the faculty member with the most Teaching Academy training hours who have not received the award before.

Yuliana Zaikman, Graduate Student, Psychology

Yuliana Zaikman is a second-year PhD student in the Psychology Department. She teaches Sexual Behavior and Introduction to Psychology both in-person and online. Her courses employ the use of Team-Based Learning as well as the application of course concepts to popular media such as Harry Potter novels and The Big Bang Theory. This past year, she participated in several Academy workshops including Teaching Students Through Writing. She also led two workshops of her own on Team-Based Learning and on using media to make your course come alive. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and watching TV.

Henrietta Williams Pichon, Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership and Administration

Henrietta Williams Pichon, is an assistant professor in Educational Leadership and Administration (ELA). Her teaching focus is higher education administration and her research focus is the access and persistence of historically underrepresented groups in higher education.

As a faculty member in ELA, she has focused her professional development time on events that will make her a better teacher, scholar, and university citizen. Several that stand out are Team Mentoring; OCIP (online teaching); Teaching workshops on teaching difficult/sensitive topics, flipped classrooms, and so on; Managing diversity (with Prudence Carter, Stanford); and Writing groups.

She is especially thankful for the work in the writing groups because after receiving feedback on a manuscript, she was able to get three publications from it.

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Distinguished Members

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Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Science
 Animal & Range Sciences Amy Ganguli
 Extension Animal Resources Jason Turner
 Family & Consumer Sciences Esther Devall
Merranda Marín
Kourtney Vaillancourt
 Fishery & Wildlife Sciences Kathryn Stoner
 Plant & Environmental Sciences Ryan Goss
Manoj Shukla
Arts & Sciences
 Biology Menuka Karki
Michele Nishiguchi
Michèle Shuster
 English Kefaya Diab
 Geography Michaela Buenemann
 Government Jiaqi Liang
 Mathematical Sciences Karen Villaverde
 Physics Zahra Nasrollahi
 Psychology Carrie Melia
Collin Scarince
Dominic Simon
Laura Thompson
Yuliana Zaikman
Jacqueline Zeiber
 Theatre Arts Wil Kilroy
 Finance Violeta Díaz Avilez
Doña Ana Community College
 English & Communications Niki Mott
  Curriculum & Instruction Koomi Kim
 Educational Leadership & Administration Mary Prentice
Henrietta Williams Pichon
 Special Ed & Communication Disorders Randa Keeley
Breanna Sherrow
Linda Spencer
 Chemical & Materials Engineering Catherine Brewer
Martha Mitchell
 Industrial Engineering Alla Kammerdiner
Delia Valles-Rosales
 Klipsch School of Electrical & Computer Engineering David Mitchell
 Mechanical Engineering Vincent Choo
Mingjun Wei
Health & Social Services
 Nursing Conni DeBlieck
 Social Work María Ortiz
 Library Access Services Susan Beck
 Regular Academic Instruction Jon Strahan
 Executive Vice President & Provost Daniel Howard
David Smith
 Instructional Innovation & Quality Kerry Forsythe
Michelle Lebsock
 Student Engagement Marissa Macías

Sustaining Members

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Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Science
 Animal & Range Sciences Gaylene Fasenko
 Entomology Plant Path & Weed Science Erik Lehnhoff
 Extension Animal Resources Gerald Hawkes
 Fishery & Wildlife Sciences Wiebke Boeing
Sabrina Deeley
 Hotel Restaurant & Tourism Management Keith Mandabach
Pete Mitchell
 Jornada Experimental Range Headquarters Caitriana Steele
 Plant & Environmental Sciences Mary O’Connell
Marisa Potter
April Ulery
Arts & Sciences
 Anthropology Kelly Jenks
 Art Julie Fitzsimmons
 Astronomy Nancy Chanover
Kristian Finlator
R.T. James McAteer
Moire Prescott
 Biology Youn Ji Nam
Graciela Unguez
 Chemistry & Biochemistry Amanda Ashley
 Communication Studies Greg Armfield
Vicki Nisbett
 Criminal Justice Andrea Joseph
 Criminal Justice Mercedes Valadez
 English Lily Hoang
Elizabeth Schirmer
 Government Diana Bolsinger
Thaddieus Conner
 Interdisciplinary Studies Jim Maupin
 Mathematical Sciences Amal Mostafa
 Music Rhonda Taylor
 Physics Michaela Burkardt
Michael De Antonio
 Psychology Michael Collier
John Dennem
Jessica Madrid
Laura Madson
Tamara Stimatze
Tara Young
 Sociology Stephanie Arnett
Sandra Way
 Theatre Arts Tom Smith
 Economics & International Business Naomi Schmidt
 Finance J. Query
 Management Wayne Crawford
Grace Ann Rosile
 Marketing Ryan Cruz
Doña Ana Community College
 Academic Support Mónica Torres
 Adult Basic Education Deborah McCormick
 Arts & Humanities Barbara Creider
Melinda Wilson
 Digital Graphics Program Stephen Osborn
 Electronic Technology Program Tarlochan Dhillon
 Emergency Medicine Paramedic Program Joyce Bradley
 Institutional Analysis Mia Kalish
 Library & Media Center Tammy Powers
 Math & Physical Science Katherine McGowan
 Center for Research & Outreach Karen Trujillo
 Counseling & Educational Psychology Heejung Chun
 Curriculum & Instruction Cecilia Hernández
Koeun Kim
Julia Parra
Michelle Salazar Pérez
MariaElena Salazar
 Kinesiology & Dance Joseph Berning
Sang-Rok Lee
Tanya Watson
 Chemical & Materials Engineering Jessica Houston
 Industrial Engineering John Mullen
Christina Schaub
 Klipsch School of Electrical & Computer Engineering Charles Boehmer
Laura Boucheron
Robert Paz
 Mechanical Engineering Liang Sun
Health & Social Services
 Nursing Davin Craig
Shelly Noe
Anita Reinhardt
Kristynia Robinson
John Scarbrough
Shawn Skurky
Jane Smith
 Public Health Sciences Anup Amatya
Cynthia Kratzke
 Social Work Ivan De La Rosa
María Gurrola
Frances Nedjat-Haiem
 Library Norice Lee
 Reference & Research Services Paula Johnson
 Academic Readiness Center David Meléndez
 Career Services Roseanne Bensley
 Counseling & Student Development Center Meg Long
 Director of Finance, Health & Social Services Aida López
 Executive Vice President & Provost Greg Fant
 Graduate School John Kulpa
John Schutte
 Instructional Innovation & Quality Susan Ceppi-Bussmann
Miley Grandjean
Sandra Johnson
Sharon Lalla
 Instructional Media Services Bryan Tempel
 Student Engagement Terry Cook


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Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Science
 Agricultural & Extension Education Thomas Dormody
Frank Hodnett
 Agricultural Science Center at Artesia Jane Pierce
 Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Science Jim Libbin
 Animal & Range Sciences Derek Bailey
Andrés Cibils
Glenn Duff
Shanna Ivey
Sergio Soto–Navarro
Laura White
 Entomology Plant Path & Weed Science Jamshid Ashigh
Rebecca Creamer
Álvaro Romero
 Extension Plant Sciences Leslie Beck
Natalie Goldberg
 Family & Consumer Sciences Wanda Eastman
Marcel Montanez
 Fishery & Wildlife Sciences David Cowley
Martha Desmond
Nicole Harings
 Hotel Restaurant & Tourism Management Betsy Stringam
 Plant & Environmental Sciences Kenneth Carroll
Christopher Cramer
David Dubois
Mark Uchanski
 Academic Advising Jarod Gonzalez
Kelley Hestir
Arts & Sciences
 Anthropology Fumiyasu Arakawa
Hailey Jung
Mary Alice Scott
M. Stanford
 Art Tauna Cole-Dorn
 Biology María Castillo
Randy Coryell
Nina Dropcho
Kathryn Hanley
Gizelle Hurtado
Avis James
Patricia Lodato
Giancarlo López
Amy Marion
Brook Milligan
Neda Nourabadi
Steven Ontiveros
Elba Serrano
Charles Shuster
Timothy Wright
 Chemistry & Biochemistry Jeffrey Arterburn
Shelley Lusetti
Barbara Lyons
William Quintana
Rishi Sapkota
Erik Yukl
 Communication Studies Vanessa Mendez
 Computer Science Jonathan Cook
Shaun Cooper
 Creative Media Amy Lanasa
 Criminal Justice William Corbett
Mike Tapia
 English Electra Rich
Kellie Sharp-Hoskins
Kelly Whitney
Patricia Wojahn
 Geography Christopher Brown
Carol Campbell
 Geological Sciences Jeffrey Amato
 Government Neil Harvey
Kim Seckler
 Interdisciplinary Studies Manal Hamzeh
 Languages & Linguistics Sandra Flickinger
Carlos Joloy Carballo
Jeffrey Longwell
Patricia MacGregor–Mendoza
 Mathematical Sciences Mary Ballyk
India Dytzel
Laura White-Hosford
 Music Lonnie Klein
 Philosophy Jennifer Noonan
 Physics Matthias Burkardt
 Psychology Timothy Ketelaar
Justin MacDonald
Hunter Myuz
Lindsay Ruckel
David Trafimow
Joshua Uhalt
 Sociology David LoConto
Megan Miller
David G. Ortiz Canseco
 Theatre Arts Joshua Chenard
 Accounting & Information Systems Kevin Meléndrez
 Business College Kathy Brook
Myong O’Donnell
 Economics & International Business Charlotte Gard
Karl Geisler
Yu-Feng (Winnie) Lee
Randy McFerrin
Rafael Pérez Pena
 Finance Gavin Clarkson
Rich Fortin
Kenneth Martin
Harikumar Sankaran
 Management David Boje
Steven Elias
Ruoqing Zhang
Doña Ana Community College
 Adult Basic Education Lora Ross
 Arts & Humanities David Burleson
 Business & Marketing Kim Seifert
 Business Office Technology Program Mary Sletten
 English & Communications Debasmita Roychowdhury
 Health Occupation Program Amy Collins
Ratna Pankayatselvan
Hiranya Roychowdhury
 Sonography Program Faith Hutson
 Counseling & Educational Psychology Elsa Arroyos
Chelsea Bridges
Gladys De Necochea
Anna López
 Curriculum & Instruction Armando Altamirano
Rudolfo Chávez Chávez
Jeanette Haynes Writer
Emily Heins
Leanna Lucero
Lida Uribe–Florez
Angelica Wortham
 Educational Leadership & Administration Denise Rodríguez-Strawn
 Kinesiology & Dance Hannah Cole
Shon Meyer
Oscar Nuñez Enríquez
Kim O’Connell–Brock
Arryn Robbins
 Special Ed & Communication Disorders Brandon McIntire
 Chemical & Materials Engineering Hongmei Luo
Julio Martínez
David Rockstraw
 Civil Engineering Paola Bandini
Dusan Jolovic
Jelena Karapetrovic
Lambis Papelis
Rodolfo Rascón de Lira
Hamed Zamani Sabzi
 Engineering College Sonya Cooper
Juanita Miller
Steven Stochaj
 Engineering Technology Barbara Gamillo
John Tapia
 Klipsch School of Electrical & Computer Engineering Muhammed Dawood
David Voelz
Health & Social Services
 Health & Social Services Joe Tomaka
 Nursing Debbie Cates
Debbie Kane
Teresa Leon
Martha Morales
Linda Summers
 Public Health Sciences Sue Forster–Cox
Joseph Gladstone
Chuck Kozel
Jill McDonald
Ernesto Moralez
Rebecca Palacios
Satya Rao
 Social Work Robert Blair
Susan Burns
Erika Gergerich
Tina Hancock
Wanda Whittlesey–Jerome
Library Samantha Rich
 Reference & Research Services Theresa Westbrock
 Director of Institutional Effectiveness Anne Ricksecker
 Regular Academic Instruction Kim López Gallagher
Sherrell Wheeler
 Regular Academic Instruction Kathleen O’Connor
 Academic Readiness Center Michelle Saenz-Adames
 American Indian Program Michael Ray
 Chicano Programs Laura Gutierrez Spencer
 Economic Development VPres Office Kevin Boberg
Christa Slaton
 Employee & Labor Relations Ralph Lucero
 Employee Health Services Dario Silva
 Executive Vice President & Provost Kimberly Rumford
 General Counsel Office Lizbeth Ellis
 Human Resource Services Andrew Peña
 Instructional Innovation & Quality Timothy Strasser
Susana Venegas
David Chavez
 International & Border Programs Elvira Masson
 Police Department NMSU Stephen López
 Research Integrity & Ethics Luis Vázquez
 Student Affairs & Enroll Management Bernadette Montoya
 Student Engagement Tony Marin
 University Advancement Vice President Office Andrea Tawney
 Wellness Dawn Browning