Teaching Academy Members 2017

Earning membership in the Teaching Academy

Honorary Member

Honorary membership is awarded to a person who has made extraordinary contributions to the Teaching Academy or to faculty development at NMSU.

Esther Devall, Family and Consumer Sciences
Dr. Esther Devall came to NMSU as a faculty member in 1991. Esther received the Roush Award for Teaching Excellence in 1997, and the College of ACES Distinguished Teaching Award in 2000. As a researcher, Esther brought in over $13 million in federal and state grants. She received the Distinguished Research Award from ACES in 2010. Since 2010, Esther has served as the department head of two departments: the academic and extension departments of Family and Consumer Sciences. During that time, she has also chaired the Department Head Academy, a program at the Teaching Academy that helps department heads lead and manage. As part of her legacy to NMSU, Esther has left a significant planned gift to the Teaching Academy. By doing so, Esther has helped ensure that the Academy is woven into the fabric that is NMSU.

All Honorary Members

Most Distinguished Members

The most distinguished members are the graduate student and the faculty member with the most Teaching Academy training hours who have not received the award before.

Dr. Mary Prentice, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Administration
Dr. Mary Prentice returned to her faculty position last August after serving for four years as department head of Educational Leadership and Administration. Mary is a Teaching Academy Fellow and a co-facilitator of regular workshops on diversity. In 2009, she won the Outstanding Workshop Award for her workshop on co-creating the syllabus with students. Mary has been a dedicated Teaching Academy attendee ever since coming to NMSU in 2002. Since that time, she has amassed more than 500 hours of Teaching Academy credit. Mary says she turned to the Teaching Academy for support and mentorship in strengthening her teaching and leadership skills. Over the past year, she has attended OCIP’s three-week Summer Institute for Online Course Development, completed a two-week Quality Matters peer reviewer certification, and finished OCIP’s One Year Plus online teaching program.

Tara Young, Psychology
Tara Young is a first year PhD student in the Psychology Department who teaches Social Psychology and Introductory Psychology. She conducts research on behavioral health decision making and gender equality. Some of her favorite Teaching Academy memories this year were participating in an intensive summer workshop that focused on team-based learning, which she now uses in her classes, a book club on evidence-based instructional practices, and the Publish & Flourish scholarly writing program. Outside of school, she enjoys rock climbing, playing Magic the Gathering, and volunteering with the Organ Mountain Technical Rescue Squad and the local animal shelter.

Distinguished Members

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Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Science
 Agricultural and Extension Educ Tre Easterly
 Family and Consumer Sciences Esther Devall
 Plant and Environmental Sciences Colby Brungard
Ryan Goss
Mary O’Connell
Nicole Pietrasiak
Arts & Sciences
 Astronomy Nancy Chanover
 Biology  Michele Shuster
 Chemistry and Biochemistry  Marat Talipov
 Criminal Justice  Greg Armfield
 English  Carlos Posadas
 Geography Carol Campbell
 Languages and Linguistics Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza
Eva Michelle Wheeler
Lucy Zollner
 Mathematical Sciences Dr. Karen Villaverde
 Philosophy Jennifer Noonan
 Psychology Laura Madson
Dominic Simon
 Theatre Arts Wil Kilroy
 Accounting and Information Systems Rober Ewing
 Economics and International Business Lawrence LaPlue
Naomi Schmidt
 Management Minjoon Jun
 Marketing  Erin Blaugrund
Juan Holguin
Doña Ana Community College
 Academic Supp Monica Torres
 English Electra Rich
 Humanities Lisanne Grant
Kristan MacDonald
 Science Program Joann Latorre
 Educational Leadership & Administration Mary Prentice
Henrietta Williams Pichon
 Special Ed & Communication Disorders Randa Keeley
Breanna Sherrow
Linda Spencer
 Chemical & Materials Engineering Catherine Brewer
Martha Mitchell
 Industrial Engineering Alla Kammerdiner
Delia Valles-Rosales
 Klipsch School of Electrical & Computer Engineering David Mitchell
 Mechanical Engineering Vincent Choo
Mingjun Wei
Executive Vice President and Provost
 Executive Vice President and Provost Greg Fant
Daniel Howard
Shelly Stovall
 Graduate School Tara Young
 Instructional Innovation & Quality Beth Apodaca
Kerry Forsythe
Susana Venegas
 Teaching Academy Tara Gray
Health & Social Services
 Nursing Jane Smith
 Public Health Sciences Winston Jackson
 Social Work Susan Burns
Olga Cabada
Ivan De La Rosa
Megan Finno-Velasquez
Stacy Gherardi
Maria Gurrola
Frances Nedjat-Haiem
Wanda Whittlesey-Jerome
 Library Access Services Susan Beck
 Library Reference and Research Services Stephanie Carter
Mariaelena De la Rosa
Michael Gutierrez
David Irvin
Theresa Westbrock
 Library Technical Services Monika Glowacka-Musial
Student Affairs & Enroll Management
 Student Success Center David Melendez

Sustaining Members

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Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Science
 Ag and Home Econ Col Bus Res Plng Tim Nesbitt
 Agricultural and Extension Educ Tom Dormody
 Animal & Range Sciences Glenn Duff
Gaylene Fasenko
Shanna Ivey
 Family and Consumer Sciences Efren Delgado Licon
Merranda marin
 Fishery & Wildlife Sciences Wiebke Boeing
Martha Desmond
Kathryn Stoner
 Hotel Restaurant & Tourism Management Jean Hertzman
Arts & Sciences
 Anthropology Kelly Jenks
M. Stanford
 Arts and Sciences James Murphy
 Astronomy Moire Prescott
 Biology Nina Dropcho
Kathryn Hanley
Michele Nishiguchi
Elba Serrano
 Communication Studies Jeanne Flora
Eric Morgan
 Computer Science Huiping Cao
 Creative Media Amy Lanasa
 Criminal Justice William Corbett
 English Robert Cannella
Kefaya Diab
Jennifer England
Lisa Lisenbee
Kavita Surya
Robyn Tierney
 Geography Christopher Brown
 Government Sabine Hirschauer
 Interdisciplinary Studies Manal Hamzeh Al Samdi
 Music Katie Brennan
Sarah Daughtrey
 Psychology Carrie Melia
Hunter Myuz
Joshua Uhalt
Alexander Vanhoudt
Jacqueline Zeiber
 Sociology Stephanie Arnett
David LoConto
 Finance Dr. Gavin Clarkson
 Management Steven Elias
Grace Ann Rosile
Doña Ana Community College
 Art Layle Chambers
 Business Management Program Kim Seifert
 Business Office Tech Program Nancy Gonzalez
 Computer Technology Program Timothy Chappell
 Education Program Shannon Bradley
 English Program Niki Mott
 Humanities Program Corey Purcell
 Science Program Karen Caldwell
Angela Shankle
 Social Sciences Program Becky Corran
 Curriculum & Instruction Tabitha Collins
Lilian Rogers de Cibils
 Inst For Excel In Math & Science Ed Violet Henderson
 Kinesiology and Dance Yong Woo An
Joseph Berning
 Chemical & Materials Engineering Jessica Houston
 Civil Engineering David Jauregui
Peter Martin
Lambis Papelis
 Engineering College Sonya Cooper
 Engineering Technology Philip Braker
 Industrial Engineering Talayeh Razzaghi
 Klipsch School of Electrical & Computer Engineering Paul Furth
Bob Paz
Steven Stochaj
Exec Vice President and Provost
 Exec Vice President and Provost David Smith
 Instructional Innovation & Quality  Susan Ceppi-Bussmann
Miley Grandjean
Sandra Johnson
Michelle Lebsock
GRCC Grants CC
 GRCC Vocational Instruction Zachery Smith
Health & Social Services
 Nursing Anita Reinhardt
 Social Work Gail Leedy
 Student Affairs & Enroll Management Bernadette Montoya
 Student Life Michael Jasek
 Student Affairs & Enroll Management
Bernadette Montoya
 Student Life Michael Jasek


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Graduate SchoolLoui Reyes

Agricultural Experiment Station
 Ag Science Center at Artesia Jane Pierce
 Ag Science Center at Clovis Rajan Ghimire
 Bio Security And Food Safety Center Willis Fedio
Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Science
 Animal & Range Sciences Derek Bailey
Andrés Cibils
Sara Fuentes-Soriano
Amy Ganguli
Sergio Soto–Navarro
Laura White
 Entomology Plant Path & Weed Science Rebecca Creamer
Álvaro Romero
 Family & Consumer Sciences Neysla Cisneros
Brigit Dooley
Claire LeGault
Marcel Montanez
Kourtney Vaillancourt
Cooperative Extension Service
 Extension Plant Sciences Leslie Beck
Stephanie Walker
 Fishery & Wildlife Sciences David Cowley
 Hotel Restaurant & Tourism Management Betsy Stringam
Keith Mandabach
 Plant & Environmental Sciences Ivette Guzman
Laura Rodriguez-Uribe
Manoj Shukla
April Ulery
Shengrui Yao
 SW District Supervisory Unit Tom Dean
ALCC Alamogordo CC
 ALCC Counseling Services Gary Bond
 ALCC Reg Academic Instruction Susan Cook
Robert Klinger
Karen Sadowski
Arts and Sciences College
 Anthropology Fumiyasu Arakawa
Donald Pepion
 Art Margaret Goehring
 Arts and Sciences College Enrico Pontelli
 Astronomy R.T. James McAteer
 Biology Maria Castillo
Randy Coryell
Kristina Gonzales
Gizelle Hurtado
Jessica Jackson
Patricia Lodato
Dr Lopez
Brook Milligan
Sibella Salazar
Margie Vela
Timothy Wright
 Chemistry & Biochemistry Jeffrey Arterburn
Amanda Ashley
Shelley Lusetti
Barbara Lyons
William Maio
Paola Mera
William Quintana
 Communication Studies Professor Kenneth Hacker
Timothy Watkins
 Computer Science Jonathan Cook
Inna Pivkina
 Criminal Justice Joanne Choi
Andrea Joseph
 English Rebecca Hoffman
Cynthia Murrell
Elizabeth Schirmer
Dr. Kellie Sharp-Hoskins
 Geography Michaela Buenemann
 Government Neil Harvey
 History Elvira Masson
 Interdisciplinary Studies Patti Wojahn
 Languages and Linguistics Yolanda Schroeder
 Mathematical Sciences Mary Ballyk
Jianjun Paul Tian
 Music Lonnie Klein
 Physics Fatma Aslan
Michaela Burkhardt
Michael De Antonio
Richard Mbatang
 Psychology Michael Collier
Timothy Ketelaar
Jim Kroger
Ryan Sams
Laura Thompson
Business College
 Business College William Gould
 Economics & International Business Karl Geisler
Yu-Feng Lee
Christopher Sroka
Dawn VanLeeuwen
 Finance Rich Fortin
Paula Groves
Kenneth Martin
Harikumar Sankaran
 Management David Boje
Carol Flinchbaugh
Bahareh Javadizadeh
Doña Ana Community College
 Academic Supp Susan Wood
 Adult Basic Education Division Deborah McCormick
 Business Office Technology Program Kathryn Achen
 Computer Draft and Graphics Program Julia Kirton
Luis Rios
 Dental Auxiliary Program Rocio Alfaro Miller
 Emergency Med Paramed Program Renned Logsdon
 English Amy Garcia
Michelle Guzman-Armijo
Spencer Taylor
 Health Information Technology Mary Sletten
 Hospitality Service Program Sandy Stein
 Math and Statistics Vickie Aldrich
John Patrick
 Counseling & Educational Psychology Eve Adams
Elsa Arroyos
Kayla Bolland
Anna Lopez
Rebecca Pruitt
Jeremy Rutherford
Wiley Stem
 Curriculum & Instruction Dr. Jeanette Haynes
Writer Haynes
Cecilia Hernandez
Gaspard Mucundanyi
David Rutledge
 Educational Leadership & Administration Denise Rodríguez-Strawn
 Kinesiology & Dance Hannah Cole
Shon Meyer
Tanya Watson
Robert Wood
 Special Ed & Communication Disorders Brandon McIntire
 Chemical & Materials Engineering Juanita Miller
Patricia Sullivan
 Industrial Engineering Delia Valles-Rosales
 Klipsch School of Electrical & Computer Engineering Laura Boucheron
David Mitchell
David Voelz
 Mechanical Engineering Ruey-Hung Chen
Igor Sevostianov
Exec Vice President and Provost
 American Indian Michael Ray
 Chicano Programs Maribel Tellez
 Economic Development Vice President Offce Adam Cavotta
Kimberly Rumford
 Instructional Media Services David Chavez
 Honors College/Crimson Scholarship Program Miriam Chaiken
Health and Social Services College
 Public Health Sciences Anup Amatya
Jagan Butler
Sue Forster-Cox
Erika Hernandez
Jill McDonald
Ernesto Moralez
Rebecca Palacios
Satyapriya Rao
  Social Work Erika Gergerich
Tina Hancock
Monica Montoya
Phillis Newton
Maria Ortiz
  Library Archives and Special Collec Sarah Allison
Laurence Creider
Dennis Daily
  Library Reference and Research Svcs Alisa Gonzalez
Cynthia Watkins
 General Counsel Office Lizbeth Ellis
 Government Affairs Office Ricardo Rel
 Business College Myong O’Donnell
 Senior VP for Admin and Finance Angela Throneberry
 Employee Health Svcs Dario Silva
 Enrollment Mgmt Assoc VP Office Dacia Sedillo
 Student Success Center Diana O’Brien