Scholarship Programs

Publish & Flourish: Become a Prolific Scholar

Publish & Flourish: Become a Prolific Scholar helps faculty and graduate students greatly increase their productivity by writing at least 15–30 minutes daily; keeping records of time spent writing; and exchanging feedback weekly on drafts of writing. Participants in the program reported writing prose that was “clearer, simpler, better organized and more reader-centered.” They increased their productivity by a factor of three, from about two manuscript submissions per year to nearly six.

What participants say about Publish & Flourish
I decided to try these steps on a paper I had been trying to put together for five years. Four weeks later, the paper is out for review.

In one semester, I wrote and submitted three grant proposals (with another one in progress!) and I continue to work on two journal articles.

I got more written than I thought possible.

Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks

This course is based on the book by Wendy Laura Belcher. The course is designed to help faculty and graduate students revise a draft of a journal article to publish in 12 weeks. The course can also be used to revise a chapter of a thesis or dissertation. Scholars are encouraged to work from a draft—no matter how rough—rather than starting “from scratch.” Although designed for social sciences and humanities, this course is helpful to scientific and engineering writers as well. Expect to submit an article or chapter.

What participants say about Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks
Attending the Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks was a great way for me to meet like-minded writers who have a real interest in getting their creative juices flowing. I learned a lot about time management and maximizing/capitalizing on the resources and the data that I had. I went from four pages to thirty-five pages.

Participating in the Teaching Academy’s Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks program was a transformative experience for me. I was amazed at just how productive I was through the 12 weeks. The biggest takeaway from the program for me was the concept of accountability mixed with the notion of daily writing. I highly recommend this program for anyone who needs a structured and supportive writing environment that focus on making real and meaningful progress on a writing project.

Attending the Writing Your Journal Article in 12 weeks workshop was instrumental to my completion of a journal article manuscript in three months. Committing to a day and time each week to meet with peers and have guidance from the workshop facilitator and the textbook exercises kept me on track and motivated. I could see my progress each week and was able to develop a writing schedule that worked for me. This workshop was so helpful that seven of us have continued to meet weekly to work on writing a second manuscript.

Scholarly Writing Retreat

This retreat features a comfortable, quiet place to write, free of distractions, with the synergy of writing while others write. The day begins with a “free write” in which participants write freely for 5-15 minutes about what they want to write about for the day, what they want to say about it and how they want to go about it. During this time, participants write without stopping, without revision and with their screens blackened. Having “jump started” their writing in this way, participants then write in their own way for the rest of the three hours.

What participants say about the Scholarly Writing Retreat
It is a silent synergistic environment that helps you get in the groove of writing.

Diligence, accountability, and structure are crucial for my writing success. This retreat helps with all three!

Prior to this retreat, I was in a panic with a deadline coming up soon. I’m now comfortable and actually think I will be ahead of schedule!