Teaching Academy Vision, Mission & Goals


The Teaching Academy helps NMSU educators develop extraordinary teaching lives embedded in exceptional careers.

Vision 2020 Strategic Plan Alignment


The Teaching Academy helps create an educational environment committed to the success of faculty, staff and students by providing professional development to NMSU educators in teaching, scholarship, leadership, and mentoring.


Supporting teachers
Improving learning
By providing professional development that enriches teaching, we will cultivate an institutional climate that values, rewards, and sustains stellar teaching and learning.
Advancing leaders
Enhancing careers
By providing leadership, scholarship, and promotion and tenure workshops, as well as mentoring opportunities, we will address life-long career needs and interests.
Fostering diversity
Building community
By fostering cross-cultural awareness and internationalization, we will help build a caring community in which we value diversity and respect diverse viewpoints.


Life-long Learning. Great teachers and leaders never stop learning; thus, we have adopted as our motto, “Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.” We apply this to ourselves first and then to others.

Service. As service providers, we advance the agenda of the institution’s leaders, including the provost, deans, department heads and faculty.

Leadership. As leaders, we set the tone and pace for faculty development.