TEAL Classroom


To request the use of the TEAL classroom (HJLC 228), please submit the form below.

Summer requests will be filled on a first-come basis.
Fall requests should be submitted before January 25.

For questions, contact Morgan Iommi at miommi@nmsu.edu or 575-646-2204.

NOTE: Beginning Summer 2019, we are reserving the room based on the new standard M/W, T/R, and F block schedules, which will allow us to best use the space.

Because of high demand for this room, we are currently determining criteria to prioritize room reservations and we are open to suggestions about how to best do this. When criteria are finalized, they will be listed here. If conflicts arise for a given timeslot, the Teaching Academy Advisory Board will make the final decisions on space use.

About the TEAL classroom

The TEAL classroom is a state-of-the-art learning environment that integrates technology into classroom instruction. The set-up of the room is designed to help instructors design lesson plans and activities that encourage active engagement and group collaboration.


Diagram of TEAL Classroom

Diagram of TEAL Classroom

Specifics of TEAL room set up:

  • Seats 108 at 12 large fixed round tables
  • Each table has 9 seats with 3 laptops each (1 laptop per group of 3 students). There is one table display monitor per table that any of the 3 laptops can individually be projected to in order to display group work or the table display monitors can be used to show the main presentation
  • Each table also has power outlets and adapters for students to bring their own computers
  • In addition to the 12 smaller table display monitors there are two main display projector screens for the main presentation
  • The instructor station is at the center of the room surrounded by the group tables. The instructor station has the controls for the monitors, AV, and sound.
  • The main walls in the room are covered in white board paint and can be written on using dry erase markers
  • Access to the room is keycard controlled

See an example of active-learning spaces in action at another institution (this classroom is very similar to the set-up of TEAL).

TEAL Classroom Request Form

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  • Course numberCourse section number (3 digits, often starting with M)
  • Maximum number of students that can enrollClass format (e.g., interactive lecture, studio, workshop, etc.) 
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