TEAL Classroom


The TEAL room (HJLC 228) is scheduled through the Teaching Academy. To request use of the room, please submit the form below.

Summer requests will be filled on a first-come basis.
Fall requests should be submitted before January 25.

To best use the space, we schedule the room based on the new standard M/W, T/R, and F block schedules.

Because of high demand for this room, we have worked with stakeholders to determine criteria to prioritize room reservations. If conflicts arise for a given time slot, the Teaching Academy Advisory Board will make the final decisions on space use based on these criteria:

  • Size of the class (priority given to classes closer to maximum student count of 108)
  • Appropriateness of the class for the room (type of instruction, interactivity of course design, need for features available in space, etc.)
  • Familiarity with room (training completed, previous use of the room)

With questions, contact Morgan Iommi at miommi@nmsu.edu or 575.646.2204.

About the TEAL classroom

The TEAL classroom is a state-of-the-art learning environment that integrates technology, round tables, and walls covered with whiteboard paint. The set-up is designed to help instructors design lesson plans and activities that encourage active engagement and group collaboration.


Diagram of TEAL Classroom

Diagram of TEAL Classroom

Specifics of TEAL room set up:

  • The room seats 108 at 12 large fixed round tables.
  • There are two main display projector screens for an all-class presentation.
  • Each table has 9 seats with 3 laptops each (1 laptop per group of 3 students).There is one table display monitor per table that any of the 3 laptops can be projected to in order to display group work. Alternately, the table display monitors can be used to show an all-class presentation.
  • Each table also has power outlets and adapters for students to bring their own computers.
  • The instructor station is at the center of the room surrounded by the group tables. The instructor station has the controls for the monitors, AV, and sound.
  • The main walls in the room are covered in white board paint and can be written on using dry erase markers.
  • Access to the room is key card controlled

See an example of active-learning spaces in action at another institution (this classroom is very similar to the set-up of TEAL).

TEAL Classroom Request Form

Required fields are indicated by an asterisk “*”.

  • Email Address9-digit Banner ID (number on your NMSU ID card)
  • Course numberCourse section number (3 digits, often starting with M)
  • Maximum number of students that can enrollClass format (e.g., interactive lecture, studio, workshop, etc.) 
    Click the plus (+) button to add a row (up to three rows)
  • Which of the following features of the room do you plan to use frequently? Choose all that apply
  • Days this class meetsHours this class meets 
  • Is the schedule for this course flexible (Y/N)?If yes, days/times this course CAN NOT meet