Membership in the Academy

Membership in the Teaching Academy is earned by more about 350 NMSU educators each year (550+ in 2020!). Membership is open to you if you are a full- or part-time faculty member, staff member, or graduate student. You accumulate hours toward membership each time you participate in any Teaching Academy or Digital Learning event, one hour for each hour of participation. You also earn hours by serving on a panel, presenting a workshop, mentoring a faculty colleague, or sharing your tenure or promotion portfolio for others to use as an example.

The Teaching Academy tracks these hours for you and awards a category of membership based on your level of participation:

  • Distinguished Member: 40 hours
  • Sustaining Member: 20 hours
  • Member: 10 hours

Documenting Membership in the Academy

You may want to document your Teaching Academy hours in your CV (graduate students) or in your annual performance evaluation or your promotion and tenure packet (faculty members). For a list of workshops you have participated in over a period of time you specify, please contact

Additionally, all members receive a membership certificate and an invitation to the annual Teaching Academy Gala: Champagne & Chocolate. At the Gala, you celebrate your accomplishment and enjoy unmatched camaraderie.

We’ve been asked how to document participation in professional development.  Here’s one way:

Professional Development

Distinguished Member, NMSU Teaching Academy, [give the calendar year]. Membership in the NMSU Teaching Academy is based on participation. Distinguished Membership is the highest level of membership and requires at least 40 hours of participation within one year.

  • Active Learning: What is it, how do you implement it, and why would you want to,  Michèle Shuster, [Exact date], 1 hour.
  • Publish & Flourish: Become a Prolific Scholar,  Tara Gray, Spring [calendar year], 15 hours.
  • Team Mentoring for Faculty New to NMSU,  Tara Gray and Martha Mitchell, [academic year],
    25 hours.