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Triple your productivity. Write prose that is clearer, better organized, and more compelling. Publish in better journals and get more grants.

Many scholarly writers are educated at the School of Hard Knocks,
but it’s not the only school, or even the best. Even when you can’t
work harder, there are important ways to work smarter. Much is
known about how to become a better, more prolific scholar and
anybody can. Ten elegantly simple steps will show you how.

Ninety scholars who followed the steps were studied, and 95%
reported that their writing improved. They also increased the
number of manuscripts submitted from a rate of two per year to
nearly six. You can too.
Table of Contents     Why you might want to read this book

Gray, T. (2020). Publish & Flourish: Become a Prolific Scholar, 15th anniversary edition

What Scholars are Saying

Publish & Flourish is a treasure-trove for academic writers at all ranks. Tara’s writing is crystal clear, flows like melted butter, and contains just enough text to motivate readers to begin writing something. Within the academic writing genre, Publish & Flourish is becoming a ‘classic.’

Patricia Goodson, author of Becoming an Academic Writer

What an astonishing little book! Even a gray-hair in academic life can get useful tips. The non-gray-hairs need to buy it, use it, live it. Now.

Deirdre McCloskey, author of Economical Writing

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