Team Academy

Tara Gray

Tara Gray, Ph.D., serves as Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Director of the Teaching Academy. She became the founding director of the Teaching Academy in January 2003. Her tenure home is the Department of Criminal Justice, where she served for ten years. Before that, Tara taught economics for ten years and wrote her dissertation on the question, “Do prisons pay?” At the Academy, Tara sets the direction in terms of programming; leads one-time and multi-session workshops; leads and builds spirit among the team; manages the budget; and fund-raises. Tara studies scholarly writing, directing effective teaching centers, and collaborative faculty development programs. She has published 50 scholarly works and four books, including Publish & Flourish: Become a Prolific Scholar Tara has won ten awards for teaching, scholarship, and service, both on campus and nationally. She has presented workshops to more than 10,000 educators in 120 venues, 35 states, and in Guatemala, Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Tara’s work is her play, but she also treasures spending time with friends and family as well as teaching parenting to women at Doña Ana County Detention Center. You can reach Tara at 575.646.1013 or

Oana Cimpean

Oana Cimpean, Ph.D., joined the Teaching Academy in 2022 as the Associate Director. Oana earned a doctorate in French Studies from Louisiana State University. Her dissertation analyzed the conflict between literature and political commitments. She taught French for many years both at LSU and at the University of Arkansas, where she also coordinated the introductory and intermediate French program. She worked in faculty development at the University of South Florida for six years. There she designed and facilitated training programs for faculty and teaching assistants on topics including the science of learning, leadership skills, critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, and experiential learning. Oana likes to cook, make jewelry, visit art museums, and hear her son and husband talk about whales or mythical creatures in the background. You can reach Oana at 575.646.1788 or ocimpean@nmsu.edudu.


Theresa Remacle, M.A., joined the Teaching Academy in 2021, where she serves as an Educational Specialist. One of her main responsibilities is running the P&T workshop series, a valuable resource for faculty members aiming for promotion and tenure. In addition to her job, Theresa is currently working towards a PhD in Higher Education Administration, with a particular focus on feminism and gender studies. This academic pursuit reflects her passion for shaping education through a socially aware lens. Theresa has a husband, two daughters, and a Jack Russell terrier named Sam. You can reach Theresa at 575.646.2072 or 

Pete Carrera

Pete Carreras, A.S.,  joined the Teaching Academy in 2021, where he serves as Administrative Assistant, Sr. In that capacity, he provides administrative and technical support for the Teaching Academy, works with nine databases, and performs duties seen and unseen that make events seem to run effortlessly. Pete earned an Associate of Applied Science in Information Computer Technology as well as an Associate of Business Office Technology. He is currently working towards a Bachelor of Business Administration. Pete was born and raised in NM. Immediately after high school, he served a five-year stint with the United States Marine Corps., and has most recently served as a Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Specialist with the Department of Workforce Solutions for three years. You can reach Pete at 575.646.2204 or