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How do I determine the date of last attendance/participation?

  • May. 05, 2022

Instructors are required to report the date of last attendance for students who earn a non-passing grade. The actual requirement is to report the last date of meaningful participation. Dear Aggie explains how to use built-in Canvas tools to help you do this.

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Why do I need a Canvas development shell?

  • Apr. 21, 2022

You may not have a development shell yet, but you may discover that you actually want one. A Canvas development shell (often referred to as a “sandbox”) is a Canvas course shell that is never available to students. There are (at least) four reasons that you may want to have a development shell. Read on!

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How can I streamline my grading feedback?

  • Apr. 07, 2022

Do you find yourself giving common feedback and wishing that there was a “rubber stamp” feature in SpeedGrader? Look no further! The comment library is a great way to generate and then draw from a library of grading/feedback comments in Canvas.

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Are you drowning in grading?

  • Mar. 24, 2022

Quality assessment involves more than merely assigning points to student work in Canvas. Get practical tips on staying sane while still giving students the kind of meaningful instructor feedback that boosts their learning outcomes.

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What are your pandemic silver linings?

  • Mar. 17, 2022

What things (practices, lessons learned, approaches) will you be keeping from our “COVID” semesters? What have we learned since March 2020 that will improve our teaching and learning into the future? Read on for some of Dear Aggie’s silver linings

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